Monday, February 17, 2014

Look at Her Grow, 5 , 6, 7 Months

I have gotten really far behind in my blogging but I don't want to miss these fun little moments.

Ya-Ya started sitting up at 5 months.
She is still a calm and patient baby.
She was able to enjoy her very 1st Christmas.
ZZ showed her the ropes.
6 Months Old
She was just as happy as ever.
Month Six (January)
started off with a horrible flu, but was quickly followed by
her 1st tooth and her 1st hair cut.

Now at 7 months old she is learning all sorts of new tricks. 
She is starting to eat a bunch...but only veggies.
She detests fruit.
She can lock her jaw in a way that I didn't even know was possible to make sure they don't find their way into her mouth.
She has started eating baby cereals and is a pro at switching things from one hand to the other.
She acts like she wants to crawl but would rather stand up holding on to our fingers.
She is teething again and wants to chew on anything that she can get into her mouth.
She knows her mommy and is already starting to have a little bit of mommy withdraws when I am not in the room.
I am glad to know she misses me.
I love this little girl.
Her and ZZ are best of friends.
Just like I want them to be.


SAYDA said...

Sweet little angel! Both of they are precious!

Lene said...

She is such a sweet baby!