Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today has been WILD!

Today has been a pretty wonderful day.
Yesterday evening we headed to Idaho Falls.
We got up and visited the Idaho Falls Temple for a minute.

After we had spent a few minutes there we headed to the zoo.
We have wanted to take ZZ to see the animals for a really long time, but something has always come up that we couldn't go.  
So today was the day.
ZZ lead the way with her trusty backpack and map.
I think she missed a couple of the animals because she was to interested in her map.

We all had a blast hanging out with Aunt Pennie and Bart's family.
ZZ was a big Aunt Pennie fan.
She wanted her to lift her up to see all of the animals and loved walking with her.
We got to see a lot of fun animals,
and Sloth Bears
OH My!
Oh and there were 
Lemers, with brand new babies, 
Lots of birds,
Including my personal favorite... 

ZZ didn't even make it a block from the zoo before she was completely asleep. 
We had some yummy Mexican food and headed to the airport.
 My mommy was getting ready to fly to Arizona to get a nice break from us.
It was good to get to hang out with her before she was off and on her way.
ZZ was a little confused on why we were leaving the airport without her.
We waited by the fence to watch her plane take off.
It took a while so we had fun playing with all of the white dandelions.
We got to see her plane go high, High, HIGH.
Every 5 miles on the way home ZZ would ask where Grandma went.
Even with seeing her plane fly off into the ginormous rain storm it just didn't click for her.
She was asking where Grandma went again tonight. 
I have a feeling it's going to be a long 10 days for Miss ZZ...
and for all of us.
I hope all you lucky people in AZ that are getting to hang out with her have a blast.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Life in General

I feel like I have been really busy these last few weeks.
I haven't decided if I really have been busy or if it just feels like it.
There has still been a lot to do before the baby gets here in 6 weeks.
We have been stocking up on a few baby essentials, but since we are having another girl, I feel like there isn't really a whole lot to buy.
This May 6th, 31 weeks, doing a little baby shopping. 
We have been re-doing the girls room.
We have been taking it nice and slow.
We have already been working on it for over a month and it's starting to finally take shape.
We chose a nice grey color with a glittery back wall. 
I have been being a little bit crafty getting some wall hanging stuff done.
We are doing all sorts of shapes of frames and what not to hang on the side wall. 
I can't wait to see it done...
Not only see it done, but to have it done so I can stop thinking about still having to get it done.
We got a new crib for this baby since the last one had pretty much taken all it could.
It took us a lot longer to set it up than we thought it would...I think it had something to do with waiting until a little too late to start working on it.
ZZ was thinking that it would be fun to sleep in the first night, 
but I convinced her that she needed to sleep in her big girl bed. 
Speaking of ZZ,
I don't think she has the slightest clue of everything that is getting read to change,
but she acts excited about the baby.
I love this picture of her having her Lala doll feel the baby move.
She has also become more of a daddy's girl lately.
I don't blame her though,
He is pretty awesome.
She is a big fan of the tricycles too.
So when you get daddy and tricycles together she is in little girl heaven.
He took her AND Miss C out for a ride the other day.
They didn't make it very far, but they sure had fun.
They had a nice little rock collection gathered in the 'trunks' of their bikes by the time they were done.
Sergio's a lot more patient than I am.
I took her out a few days ago and hooked a dog leash to the front of the tricycle so I could pull her as fast and in the direction that I wanted her to go.
It might have taken a little bit of the fun out of it for her...but it was a lot more enjoyable for me.

I am really loving this little daddy-daughter change.
I hope that it will help her transition a little more when I won't be able to give her 100% of my attention.
She insisted that she sit on daddy's lap when we had went out to eat.
She even insisted that HE change her diaper for her.
I think he should just get used to being on diaper dooty duty.
I bet she would get potty trained a lot faster that way.

Wednesday of this week we got to go to the temple for the first time in what felt like forever. 
Between morning sickness, Sergio's surgery, him working a ton, and all those other excuses, we were having a hard time making the time to get there.
I had missed it a lot.
Mom watched ZZ for us while we were doing a session.  
She LOVES the temple.
She gets so excited to see them and always is sad when we have to leave.
She was able to get a lot of fun pictures of her there.

It looks like she had a blast running through the grass. 
And rolling in the grass. 
She's such a goof ball. 

So since I have downloaded a billion other pictures I might as well add these couple from Seminary Graduation...(which I will never go to with a 2 year old again...Ever.)
Isn't she beautiful?
I am a fan of her lovely locks. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Monday Sergio received this little letter in the mail.
...I couldn't wait for him to get home to open it...
No, but seriously, I had to open it before he got home.
When it first arrived I thought that it was going to be a request for more information/evidence.
I was ecstatic to see the 'Congratulations' at the beginning.

After 3 years of paper work, lots and lots of money ($590 just for this last extension), and quite a bit of worrying, we don't have to worry anymore!
Sergio was granted his 
Or in other words, his green card won't ever expire and he is able to travel however he would like and still come back into the US without any problems.

This whole process has been so much harder than I would have ever imagined when we got married.
I don't know what we would have done it if we would have had kids while we were in Argentina.
It has given me a greater appreciation for the whole immigration conversation.
I didn't know it was so hard to immigrate legally.

Now his final step is applying for citizenship which includes a lot of paperwork, another $680, an English test and the well known citizenship/US History test.

I am so grateful that we were able to come here 3 years ago and that everything worked out as smoothly as it did.
I am so grateful to my parents that were willing to pay a bunch of the fees when we first got here and for my mommy for all of her help with millions of different papers and forms. 
We really know that the way that everything worked out, and with so few problems has truly been a miracle.

We love the United States and we are grateful for the opportunity to live, work and enjoy the blessings of living here.

Happy 3rd Heart-iversary

My mommy celebrated her 3rd "heart-iversary" yesterday. 
You can read about it from here perspective here.
We celebrated with our family and Josh and Ali's family.
We had yummy heart shaped pizzas.
The girls were a fan. 
They love their grandma very much.

As always, on May 14th, we spend a good part of the day thinking about the person and family that were willing to donate their heart for my mom and also other organs that saved several other people's lives.

We got them a special lantern and each signed it to be able to send to them. 
We can't actually have contact with the family, but we can send letters through my mom's case worker at the hospital.
We had 3 of our own lanterns to light off too... 

It got extra exciting when one of the lanterns almost lit the neighbors house on fire.
In the end only one of the lanterns actually made a full journey into the sunset.
but it's the thought that counts right?

We came back inside to get a group picture. 
My mom has been doing really well.
The last few years have had their ups and down.
My mom gets sick pretty easy so she has spent a bit of the time not feeling very well,
but in her last appointment they told her that everything looks so good that she doesn't need to go back for another checkup for 6 months!  That's a pretty big change from the every 6 weeks that we have been doing.

So in memory of all the miracles we have seen in the last 3 years: 
Miss C 



Baby #2 due in July

This week Sergio also was granted his permanent resident card 
so he can stay in the states as long as he would like.

We have made some pretty wonderful memories in the last year.
We've went on several vacations,
We have celebrated several birthdays,
We try to cherish every moment.

None of it would have been the same without having my mom around.
I'm grateful for her example and her fighting spirit.
I'm grateful for these extra years that we have to spend together.
I'm grateful to our Heavenly Father that has blessed us with so much.
We are looking forward to bundle more years with my mommy there every step of the way.

If you would like to know more about my mom's heart transplant: