Monday, January 7, 2013

Los Reyes Magos 2013

In Argentina (and in other countries around the world) children anxiously await the days after Christmas for the 3 Wise Men to arrive at their house.

You can read about our adventures with Los Reyes Magos from last year here.

This year there wasn't even a chance that we would be able to gather grass since most of it is under several inches of snow.  We went the easy route and bought a bag of mini carrots, since we know that camels love carrots.
ZZ is going to demonstrate what we to prepare for the Reyes.
First we put the carrots in the bowl
and take them downstairs by the door.
Then Daddy brings a big bowl of water so the camels have something to drink. 
Then you have to pose for a billion pictures...
Then everyone goes to sleep and in the morning when you wake up you come upstairs and...
There are toys waiting for you! 
The camels ate the carrots and drank the water all up!
She loved looking like a princess. 
Thank you Reyes.
It was another successful 3 Kings Day.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Once You Have Kids...

Nothing is Sacred.
I should have known better when the girls were being so quite.
These are all my notes in my scriptures.
Heaven Help Them.

These Pictures Pretty Much Sum Up My Week.

I'm just missing a picture of me in my PJ's with crazy hair and no makeup.
Then this post would be complete.

Snow Day: Happy New Year

We wanted to start the new year off right.
Sergio had the day off and he did not want to spend the day inside.
I just wanted to share a bunch of our fun pictures.

Copying daddy. 

First Snow Angel

Throwing snow at daddy.

Kisses for daddy.
Her favorite part?
Eating the snow.