Saturday, November 16, 2013

October 2013

October is always a fun month in our home.
We had a blast at the local straw maze...
 For the first hour...
The girls liked it better on the outside than the inside.
Especially since ZZ has a developed an awesome fear of the dark lately. 
We also Celebrated Sergio's B-day
Someone must have messed up on the candles...
That should clearly read 27 right?
It was nice having his family over to open presents. 
We also had my Dad's B-day,

He's really old.
It took us half the night just to light all of those candles.

We had a bunch of pumpkins this year
we had a blast painting them.

Well, everyone had fun except this little one.
I think she decided she wanted to dress up as Braveheart this year.
They all did a really good job painting.

Halloween was especially fun this year now that ZZ is old enough to understand everything.
She made a pretty scary tiger.  

This is a vintage costume.
My Grandma made it when we were teeny tiny and we have all got to wear it.
I don't think any of us rocked it as well as ZZ though.
They were originally going to be party animals,
But they were so darn cute without the party hats I figured it was just as good. 
They are cuties. 

ZZ made quite the haul this year. 
We had fun visiting a few homes quickly and going to the library for story time AND going to our ward party.
It was a packed evening, but it was wonderful.

ZZ still asks to be a tiger every once in a while,
But I think she is starting to realize that
"Christmas is Coming to Town."
As she will tell you if you ask.

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