Sunday, November 17, 2013

Look at Her Grow: 4 Months

This little sweety turned 4 months old yesterday.
She is starting to show more and more of her personality.
A few of the things that she has learned this month are:
- How to grab things.  
She loves her hangy-down toys and rattles.
My favorite part of this stage is I can put my hand out in front of her like I am reaching to her and she will grab a hold of my hand.
- How to call to mommy.
She has started babbling a lot more in this last month.  The first few times it was a, "Maaah,  MAaaah,"  It almost sounded like she was calling for me. Sometimes at night she will talk and talk and I will just listen to her from our room until she gets more upset.  I have a feeling she is going to be a talker.
-How to belly laugh.
This usually comes from tickling, which is only funny for about 2 tickles then she starts to get angry.
But the other day she was laughing every time I laughed.
I love laughing babies.  I'm convinced that it is be best sound in the world.
- How to roll over.  
I have only actually seen her do it one time, but she has done it more than that.  I think it's a joke that she plays on me.  She rolls over just as I look away.
She loves to be (and sleep) on her side so once she gets to her side she doesn't really roll the rest of the way unless she is getting upset.
I am perfectly okay with her not wanting to roll very much.
Roll-y Babies = Messy diaper changes
- How to sit.
This little girl has amazing head control and sits pretty well for her age.  
Obviously it's not perfect, but I can't believe how strong she is getting.
All she needs from me is to hold her legs down a little bit.
She loves to look around and observe everything that is going on.
-She likes pear juice.
 Her little intestines were a little clogged up so she got to try pear juice for the 1st time.  She was a fan and it did the trick.
Tomorrow she has her Drs. appointment and I think they will give her the okay for rice cereal.

These are some of my favorite things about this little angel:
About 2 months after she was born she started to get this perfect heart shaped birthmark on her knee. 
I love it.  It makes me smile.
Almost as much as I love the chunky legs she is getting.
This last month she also got another little angel kiss.
ZZ didn't have any birthmarks at all, so it was fun watching this one get darker and darker.

Ya-ya has the coolest tongue in the world.
If she had a chin she would be able to lick it.  

All you have to do is touch the bottom of her lip and this is what happens.
Pretty amazing.
More than anything I love her sweet, calm personality.
She hardly ever gets frustrated with me.
She only cries if I take a really really long time to pay attention to her.
She is extremely patient, which I have needed lately
and she always seems happy to see me.
She watches ZZ's every move and loves when ZZ talks to her.
I have a feeling they are going to be really good friends.

She is a huge blessing and I love having her in our lives.
I'm so glad that I get to call her mine.


Linda said...

She is gorgeous, just like her parents!

I love her heart shaped birthmark! If you think about it, it's really amazing...and beautiful!

Janiece said...

I love this little girl she is such a blessing to our family.

Darlene Bond said...

She. Is. So Big!

I can't wait for you to bring her down to visit me!