Saturday, November 16, 2013

Anniversary 2013 - 4 years down.

...Eternity to go.
This years anniversary trip was a little different than some of our last vacations,
this time we took the littles.
We had a lot of fun...
We went to Cornbelly's festival at Thanksgiving point. 

They had a bunch of really fun things to do.
ZZ had a blast. 

She especially liked dressing up as a princess and having Daddy as her prince.
We had quite the meltdown trying to leave that section and we realized it was nap time,
but we hadn't even done the corn maze yet.
So we took the the girls on a walk... 
We were in that maze FOREVER... was pretty successful.
The girls were asleep in no time.

We also got to take the girls swimming. 
Which they loved.

We also spent 2 days on temple square.
The first day we didn't get any pictures becuase we took trax and left the camera in the car.
Pretty lame.
It's okay though becuase it was really super rainy.
We spent almost the whole time in the Church History Museum.
They have a huge section for kids,
and ZZ had a blast.
It was hard to leave.
This is our last day of the trip. 

All of this in a few short years.

I'm excited to have this little family forever.

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