Monday, August 12, 2013


On Wednesday my dad helped to take the Deacons up to the mountains to go ride 4-wheelers.
Every day after ZZ asked if Grandpa was in the mountains.
The comments about wanting to go to the mountains were never ending.

Something had to be done about her enthusiastic curiosity. 
Sunday after church we packed a lunch, loaded up in the car, and headed to the mountains!
She was so excited!
She gave us detailed descriptions as we went,
"up, Up, UP!"

It was also Sergio's first time up to Lake Cleveland.
He was just as impressed as ZZ. 
That's just one of the million reasons to love Idaho,
If you are bored, hop in your car! 
There is always something beautiful to see within a short car ride.
Including a young moose who wandered into the road as we made the climb.

ZZ loved checking everything out 
and dragged Grandpa around. 
Although the mountain looked pretty dry, 
there were a ton of beautiful wild flowers. 
The view was as amazing as ever.
I love hanging out with such a good group of people. 
After we had looked around for a second we headed up to eat lunch. 
Lunch didn't last long since ZZ saw a million other things that she needed to explore. 
Soon Grandpa and ZZ headed up even higher on the mountain. 
Sergio decided that he didn't want to miss out on the fun too.
Baby L and I stayed at a lower altitude.
 While they continued going up, Up, UP.
After a while I couldn't see them anymore, but I'm pretty sure there was a story that went along with their climb, but all I could make out of ZZ's story was, "and, ahhhh!" while she was swinging her arms back and forth.  
No one else has said anything, and I have learned as a mother that sometimes it's better just to not know everything that she is saying.

She did bring me back a stem of red indian paint brush.
It was pretty sweet.  
After the climb ZZ wanted to go see the water again
and put her feet in. 
Have I ever mentioned that her Grandpa is the coolest?\
We stuck around for a while longer, 
since it is always hard to say goodbye to this view. 
We got back in the car and went up to
 Mount Harrison.
Talk about beautiful views.
I'm sure it would have been even more impressive 
if it wasn't so smoggy from all the smoke lately.

ZZ loved being able to look around.
She saw...
Mountains and trees. And Trees...and Mountains.
And some more mountains and trees.
It was a perfect way to spend an afternoon. 
I think we went home feeling rested. 
Sometimes it's just good to get away.

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