Friday, August 9, 2013

A Baby Blessing

On August 4th 
our sweet little baby had the opportunity to be blessed.
You can read about ZZ's blessing and what a blessing is here.

We already knew how special she is,
but it was extra wonderful listening to her receive a blessing from her Heavenly Father through the priesthood. 
Sergio was able to bless Baby L
and it was translated by the same person that translated ZZ's in the Spanish Branch.

It was a beautiful blessing and the spirit was really strong.
Some of the things that were said in the blessing are:
  • That her parents feel humble to receive her.
  • She was just with Heavenly Father and received instruction and blessing while she was there.
  • Her mind and heart will keep those blessings close and through her obedience she will remember those blessings.
  • She will be healthy and strong.
  • She will grow but always keep the qualities of a child.
  • She will be an influence in her family and to those that know her.
  • He advised her to always have the sensible characteristics of a women.
  • That she will be in communion with the spirit.

I learned a lot from her blessing.
When he said that she needed to keep the qualities of a child my first thought was...
"Noooo!!! I need her to be mature and not be childish!"
But quickly my thoughts changed to what our Savior taught about how important that each of us become as a little child.
In the New Testament (Mark 10:13-16) the people had brought their children to him and His disciples were basically turning them away.  When Jesus saw this happening He had the little children brought to Him and and he took the opportunity to teach the people.  
"Suffer the Children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for such is the kingdom of God."
He then put his hands upon them and blessed them.
In Matthew 18:3  He taught that if we don't become like little children we can't make it into the kingdom of Heaven.
When Jesus Christ appeared in the Americas in the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi 11:37) the same principle was taught again.
I love the qualities that children have.
Humble, forgiving, kind, naturally happy, loving.
I really do hope that Baby L keeps all of those qualities.

The other part of the blessing that really stuck out to me is how important it is for her to have the characteristics of a woman.
I believe that a lot of the natural, beautiful qualities that women have are being more and more degraded.  
I hope she is proud of being a women.  
I hope she is strong and nurturing.
Sweet and gentle.
In my opinion there isn't anything more powerful than the influence that a women can have on others. 

After church we came back to our house where we had a dinner with our family and close friends.
Some of them I hadn't seen in quite a while,
like my dear friend Kara. 
I always love having all of my siblings together. 
I'm so grateful for the relationship that we have.
I love the things that these guys have taught me. 
I love that we can goof around and have fun together.
And most of all, I'm so glad that they always come to support me on special days like this one was. 
Obviously we owe all of our wonderfulness to the amazing parents that we have.
We wouldn't be anything with out them. 
ZZ was beautiful for the blessing.
I am so glad that she loves her little sister. 
She is going to be such a good example. 

It was a really special day.
I'm so grateful for eternal families.
I'm so blessed to have such sweet little girls.
I'm grateful for the power of the priesthood 
and a husband that is worthy to hold that responsibility.


Janiece said...

It was a beautiful blessing and day.
We love our little Miss L.

Kara D. said...

I'm glad I got to see her even though I missed the blessing :)