Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Baby Story - One Week Later

She's Here!
On July 16th, I hit 5 days over due and it was time to have a baby!
I had been hoping and wishing and praying.
along with the rest of my family,
 that the baby would get here before I had to be induced.
 She was being a little stubborn,
So ready or not we were scheduled to be at the hospital to be induced at 7:30 am.
I had slept pretty well, all things considered.
I woke up around 5:45 and started getting ready.
Around 6:00 I called to make sure that there was still room in the inn hospital.
It turns out that they had a high risk pregnancy (twins) and were running short on nurses so I was told to call back at 10.  
When I called back at 10 they were still busy and would call me at noon.
(Déjà Vu?)
At this point the stress was turning me into a bit of a basket case, so I went and took a nap.
At 12 I got another call saying that it probably would be closer to 3, (of course) but they would call me when they were ready for me.
 I pretty much had decided that we still wouldn't be having a baby.
Then at 2:00 they said they were ready for me!
Even though I had spent the whole day waiting for that phone call, I totally wasn't prepared for it to actually come!
ZZ was downstairs still asleep, my stuff wasn't in the car, Sergio had just sat down to eat lunch, my mom was gone and my emotions were completely on a rampage.
I called a close neighbor and she was at the house in a flash.
I gave her a few instructions for ZZ (who woke up while I was taking things out to the car) and we finished up our last minute things.
Including taking these pictures:
As I was coming down the stairs to head out to the car 
my Tia 'Lene and my mommy came through the door.
Somewhere between the Pepsi in my hand 
(hey, I was on a liquid diet), 
my tear glazed eyes, 
and the zero traction on my shoes, 
I slipped on the second to last stair and my butt landed square on the corner of the last step.
I just sat there for a minute letting my spilled pop soak into my clothes while I decided if I was okay to stand up or if I just wanted to go ahead and die of nerves and embarrassment.
I eventually got up, with the help of my aunt, and went and changed my clothes and rushed out the door.
We got to the hospital at 2:30.
They did the whole medical history check list, got changed, and got my IV going after a couple of tries.  
 The doctor was in at 2:45 to get things started.
He mentioned that I was already having contractions 
(maybe those stairs were an answers to prayers?)
I was dilated to a 4, like I had for the last 2 weeks, so they broke my water.
My mommy walked in a few minutes later.
Right after that they had my epidural going in full swing and pit started.
4'ish the nurse came in - zero progress. 
They figured I would have her by midnight.
5'ish the doctor checked me and said, 
"Well, let's have a baby."
The nurse looked up from the computer shocked,
The Dr. had already started getting dressed down and getting his table ready.
I looked over at Sergio and said, 
"We're ready!  We're having a baby!"
I pushed for maybe 10 minutes (5:35) and she was here!
She is perfect in every way.
7 lbs 3 oz,
19 inches long,
Dark eyes,
and lots and lots of hair. 
....Even though a lot of it is on her shoulders...

Everything went so fast she doesn't have any cone head or any bruising.
Sergio was SOOO cute.
He was the epitome of a proud papa. 
He just strutted around the room with 
our little bundle of joy.
I finally had to remind him that I needed a turn and he reluctantly passed her over. 
I know it's really clique,
I really did instantly love her more than I could have ever imagined. 
She was so awake and alert when she was born.
It was fun watching her check out her new world.
She clearly hears well since she would turn her head to our voices.
I loved seeing that she already knew us. 

Soon we were passing her around.
Tia Lene came and brought ZZ.
But ZZ wanted NOTHING to do with the baby.
She only wanted Grandpa and wasn't going to let go of him for anything.
Luckily the baby brought a present for ZZ.
A Dora the Explorer book. 
It took her quite a while to lighten up and sit by the baby,
she about ate her hand off while she checked her out. 
She didn't want to come close to me either, 
but I realized later that it had something to do with the IV in my arm and that I was in the hospital bed.
Eventually she warmed up to us and was loving on the baby. 
Sergio called his family and got to tell them the good news too.
They are really excited too, 
in times like these we really wish they could be closer.

Josh, Miss C, EV, and Ali came over to check out the little one later that night.
I think they decided that she passed the test too. 
I don't think Sergio slept at all that night.
I know that he just held the baby until at least 3 in the morning.
I spent the morning admiring the little one.
I still can't believe that she is mine.
I'm not just baby sitting.
She's here, and I get to keep her!
I forgot how hard it was to put clothes on that small of a person.  
It took me a while and she was not a fan of being naked. 
We went home the next day as soon as they would let us. 
(2 pm)
She looked so darling in her big girl newborn clothes and her big huge car seat. 
We came home to an empty house.
ZZ and my cousins had went to Hagerman to site see
 so I took a nap.

Pretty soon these kiddos came home
I loved watching each of them hold the baby.
This is one of my favorite pictures.
The little's took turns measuring her tiny feet with their fingers.
I think they thought she was as awesome as I do.
I wish they could have stayed a little longer to admire her with me
ZZ was less good at sharing when we got home.
She wanted to hold the baby the WHOLE time.
 I was actually relieved to see her be excited to be a big sister.

That evening Derek came over. 
He did a really good job loving on her.

Having a newborn has really put into perspective of how quick these little babies grow up.
I wanted ZZ to stay little forever, but I am loving watching her grow up.
Now I really don't want baby #2 to grow up, but I can't wait to see her little personality bloom.

This last week has been a lot of fun.
ZZ is a little confused on the whole "feeding" thing.
She keeps asking if it's her turn.
She has a blast holding her little sister.
She checks on her in the pack and play several times a day,
She always lets me know when she is crying,
She is awesome at diaper duty - she brings me the diapers and throws them away.
It's been an all around wonderful experience. 

I have felt awesome!
Seriously, I can't believe how good I feel.
I actually think I hurt worst from falling on the stairs than from the actual labor.

Sunday we made it to sacrament meeting.  
She looked beautiful. 
And she slept the whole meeting. 
We had fun relaxing outside. 
It's official.
I have the cutest family in the world. 
Anywho...I better wrap this up or I might find more pictures that I need to post.
I'm one happy momma.
Everything that I was afraid of about having a newborn was silly.
I am loving every second of having these two little girls.
I wish I could freeze time and just live in these moments forever.
I will just have to keep taking pictures and enjoy every second.
So...here's to more pictures,
 more blogging,
and more wonderful memories!

Oh, and a few extra closing pictures,
for those of you who know our little ZZ: 

Read ZZ Baby story here.


Lene said...

Ha! I love that ZZ is already testing her ears and nose.

Your family is very beautiful!

Kara D. said...

I knew you would love it. Congrats, and I am so happy that everything went well and that you and baby are okay. :)

Janiece said...

heheheh, Great post from a great mommy.