Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July - One Week 'til D Day

Yesterday was pretty fabulous.
 We started off with a trip up to Albion to see the parade.
They have THEE very best parade in the world.
It's just a the perfect, little, small town, old fashion, way it should be, parade.
No advertising, patriotic, lots of candy, and only about 30 minutes long.
The weather was perfect and ZZ loved every second of it.
...Especially the candy part... 
She figured out really fast if she said, "Happy 4th of July" she got even more candy:
We were lucky enough to get to celebrate our 4th Lene's family.  
We're one good looking bunch.
After that parade was over we hurried to Rupert to catch my brother in another parade.
We made it just in time. 
We were there maybe a total of 15 minutes before we headed back to the house.
We took a much needed nap after the parades.
That evening I was able to go my friend, Ryann's, wedding.
I don't have any pictures, but she looked beautiful.

When we got back home a 4th of July party was brewing at our house.
Just as we having prayer for the food the wind picked up and we had a horrible dust storm.
We quickly brought everything inside and our outdoor party changed to an indoor picnic.

Once the wind calmed down a little bit we headed back outside for fireworks courtesy of Lane.
We had quite the show.
ZZ was less of a fan this year.
She started crying and asked to go Ni-Night.
I took her up the balcony where she proceeded to cover her head and shake.
Luckily her Aunt Ali and Miss C where there to help comfort her. 
By the end of the day I was exhausted and super ache.
I'm feeling pretty ready to have this baby.
My Dr. said that he would be willing to induce me next week, 
but I kind of just want to wait and let things happen naturally.
Although, if I don't start feeling better soon it might not take too much more convincing.
Only one more week until my due date.
I hope you had a super extra good 4th of July too.
We love this country.
I'm so glad that we get to be here.
We're looking forward to many many more Independence Days.

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