Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1st (Real) Haircut

ZZ's been in need of a haircut for a while.
She has been having a lot of new grow in
which makes all of her downy baby hair fly all over the place. 
We took her to Dreamz Day Salon where Morgan cut her hair. 
I was super surprised at how well she sat still.  
She was a little confused at what to do with her hands at first. 
Towards the end she kind of whispered,
"Mom, I hold you?"
But that was the only sound she made the whole time. 
There is still a lot of new hair growth, but it looks much better.
I'm so proud of how good she was!
I'm pretty positive that this is the beginning of the hours of her life that she will spend in salons.
It's good to be a girl!


Janiece said...

Looking at he pictures made me kind of sad that I didn't go with you to see her get her first real hair cut. Love this little girl.

SAYDA said...

What a sweetheart. When Brianna wanted us to hold her, she'd say, "Hold it! Hold it!" She looks beautiful!

Kara D. said...

And of course, she has an awesome penguin apron to commemorate her first cut! :)