Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today has been WILD!

Today has been a pretty wonderful day.
Yesterday evening we headed to Idaho Falls.
We got up and visited the Idaho Falls Temple for a minute.

After we had spent a few minutes there we headed to the zoo.
We have wanted to take ZZ to see the animals for a really long time, but something has always come up that we couldn't go.  
So today was the day.
ZZ lead the way with her trusty backpack and map.
I think she missed a couple of the animals because she was to interested in her map.

We all had a blast hanging out with Aunt Pennie and Bart's family.
ZZ was a big Aunt Pennie fan.
She wanted her to lift her up to see all of the animals and loved walking with her.
We got to see a lot of fun animals,
and Sloth Bears
OH My!
Oh and there were 
Lemers, with brand new babies, 
Lots of birds,
Including my personal favorite... 

ZZ didn't even make it a block from the zoo before she was completely asleep. 
We had some yummy Mexican food and headed to the airport.
 My mommy was getting ready to fly to Arizona to get a nice break from us.
It was good to get to hang out with her before she was off and on her way.
ZZ was a little confused on why we were leaving the airport without her.
We waited by the fence to watch her plane take off.
It took a while so we had fun playing with all of the white dandelions.
We got to see her plane go high, High, HIGH.
Every 5 miles on the way home ZZ would ask where Grandma went.
Even with seeing her plane fly off into the ginormous rain storm it just didn't click for her.
She was asking where Grandma went again tonight. 
I have a feeling it's going to be a long 10 days for Miss ZZ...
and for all of us.
I hope all you lucky people in AZ that are getting to hang out with her have a blast.


Lene said...

Tell ZZ thanks for sharing Grandma with us! We will try not to have too much fun!

SAYDA said...

I'm glad your mother got to get away. I'm sure you all will miss her terribly. I love the picture with ZZ holding the map and her little backpack. So cute!