Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Loven'

Last week the girlies spent most of their time with a HORRIBLE flu bug.
It took a full week to get it out of their systems and when it did they were up and ready to go again.

The weather is finally starting to get nice & none of us could wait to get outside to play.

The heat was making the girls a little crazy so we had to have popsicles! 
ZZ loves to help grandpa water the plants, but isn't really a fan of running through the sprinklers.
So we found a way to compromise.
They both had a blast playing with the garden hose.
Miss C and ZZ would take turns playing getting each other just a little bit wet.

I have a bundle of pictures of them playing together, but I don't want Miss C to be resentful of me when she grows up for posting naked pictures of her on the internet...the truth is the summer snuck up on us and we didn't have a swimming suite at the house yet. 
So, to be fair, I will also post a picture of ZZ's chubby legs. 
I taught ZZ and Miss C how to drink out of the hose like a pro.
Baby #2 also had to make a small shadow appearance...

They had a blast and didn't want to come back inside...
Miss C started to get cold but it still took a little convincing.
I had to bribe them with showers, fishy crackers, and their new favorite, Dora the Explorer, to finally get to go back inside. 
After they were showered and fed they still were perfectly fine sitting on the balcony and watching the birds. 
It was a really fun day.

The next day Josh invited us to go to the Cassia County Museum with him and the girls.
They were actually pretty good. 
There was a lot of fun stuff to look at.
The girls favorite?
The Firetruck!!
Their next favorite? 
Going on the choo-choo train!
I sure love these girls.
They are such good friends.
In fact, Miss C informed me yesterday that ZZ is her 'brother', cousin and friend and that I couldn't tell her what to do.
ZZ is also started to be pretty good friends with baby EV.

Yesterday, while Miss C napped, ZZ spent at least an hour rolling around on the floor making EV laugh.
They were so funny to watch. 
ZZ was starting to get a little tired too and she started to just use EV for her ears.
This little girl has a serious ear fetish.

We've had a pretty wonderful week.
It's so fun watching the girlies grow up.  
I love hearing the way they think and watching how they play together.
I love the imagination and curiosity.
I'm looking forward to a whole summer full of warm and fun days.

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Lene said...

I can't wait for some summer fun with those cute girlies!