Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Road Trip

A couple of weeks ago Sergio had to have a little surgery.
The first week recovering he was pretty sore, but by the second week he was feeling much better and was tired of being inside.
He also didn't want to waste the opportunity to go on a little vacation since his job is usually 5 days a week and we are trying to save vacation for when the baby comes.

One Sunday we decided that we could make a little road trip.
We thought of a few places of where we could go.
Sergio has always wanted to see California and Vegas.
I didn't think I would be up to driving to California so we settled on Vegas.

We left on a Wednesday and took our time on the way down.
We stopped at Cove Fort on the way.
Cove Fort is a little Pioneer Fort that would give rest to tired travelers on their way through the Middle of Nowhere, Utah.
My Grandpa served here about 10 years ago.
I hadn't been there since he was a missionary so it was fun to go back with my family. 
We had a blast stretching our legs and learning about a little history.
ZZ really enjoyed it and our guide was very nice. 
The spirit was really sweet and I loved the way that Sergio put it when he said that 
it's nice to see that the pioneers didn't just have to suffer all the time, that there were also places and people for them to stop and rest in their long journeys (from SLC to Snt George)

After we spent a fair amount of time there we started on our way to Snt George.
We made a stop at the temple visitors center.
 My ancestors lived in Pine Valley, Utah and owned a saw mill there.
Some of the wood that they harvested was used to build Snt George and its temple.

I loved watching Sergio and ZZ together there. 
ZZ was excited for the "castle" and started heading up the stairs.
I think she was kind of disappointed when she realized that there weren't any door knobs. 
She really wanted to go inside.
I told her that she just needed to wait a couple more years and she can go all she wants.
I hope she always has this excitement for the temple.
She loves every single one that we see.
It took quite a while to get her to decide that it was time to come back down the stairs and get back in the car.
I wasn't in a hurry though.
It was wonderful watching them together. 
I also got to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom. 
After the temple we headed to...
It was Sergio's first time there and he seemed to really enjoy it...
even if we were only there for a couple of minutes.
Arizona was one of Sergio's favorite parts of the drive.  
He loved the ridged colored mountains.

I actually really enjoyed the trip down south.
We took our time, stopping whenever we wanted to and enjoying fun conversations.
ZZ travels really well.  
She slept and watched movies and did a really good job in the car...
The time in Vegas was a whole different story.

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