Saturday, March 2, 2013

Green Eggs & Hats

Today is Dr Seuss' Birthday!
In celebration, Sergio made Gnocchi's.
They were heavenly as always...and they looked like the Cat in the Hats', well...hat.
For dinner we had a yummy desert of: 
Green Eggs!!
(ie: Pudding with a Vanilla Wafer.  Thank you Pintrest)

ZZ was not in the mood to eat them here or there...
ZZ wouldn't eat them anywhere.

I guess it's the thought that counts.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!


Lene said...

What a cute idea for green eggs.

Our Saturday got a little wonky so we didn't have green eggs and ham, but I thought it would be great for dinner on Monday. Hammie wasn't at all impressed that I didn't make the eggs green.

Janiece said...

I loved the "green eggs" very yummy!