Sunday, February 10, 2013

ZZ's Two!

I can't believe how time just seems to fly by.
We had a wonderful time celebrating ZZ's 2nd Birthday.
My mom had the wonderful idea of doing a pizza bar for dinner.
We each had our own little personal pizza crusts and we made our own pizzas with every topping that you can imagine.
They tasted so good!  
I decided that I could eat these pizzas every day...forever.
After dinner we started opening presents. 
She was pretty sure that "Ho-Ho" had come to visit again and was really excited for presents.
She made quite the haul. 
She even got some big girl panties.
She might kill me some day for this picture...but I just thought I would highlight our goal for this year. 
ZZ and Miss C showed each other all the fun toys and had a blast trying to figure them all out.
My mommy made this beautiful cake for ZZ.
She's a fan of princesses.
ZZ got a little frustrated that she couldn't figure out how to get Cinderella into the coach. 
We had to cut the cake so that she would realize that it really was cake and not another toy. 
She actually did a really well blowing out her candles once I held them closer together. 
It was a wonderful Birthday.

ZZ is growing up so fast. 
She has the cutest little qualities and a tenderness that I have never seen in a 2 year old before. 
She definitely keeps us on our toes. 
Every single day is an adventure, 
but I truly wouldn't have it any other way.
Every day she talks more and more and she is always learning something new.
I am honored to be her mom and watch her grow.
I hope she had a happy year.
We've sure enjoyed having her around.
Happy Birthday Princess.

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Lene said...

Happy Birthday Princess ZZ!!

I loved getting to talk to her.

Janiece said...

It was a wonderful day.
Love her so much.
Thanks for letting me attempted my cake decorating skills on her 2nd cake.