Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Baby is All Grown Up!

If you don't know anything about my husband...here's a random fact:
He hates the water.

It's not so much that he hates it as much as he fears it.

I think it is stems from a childhood phobia that his mother instilled in him.
His mother was little she got caught in a whirlpool and was literally saved by the hair on her head. 
Her cousin pulled her out of the water by her ponytail.
At least that is how I heard the story.
Needless to say, if any of us are even close to the river he almost has a nervous breakdown.
The last 2 years that we have lived here he has got in the river maybe a total of one time.

He did get on a boat once...The only reason he did that is because ZZ and I were going if he liked it our not.  
I think he decided that if we were going to die he was going to go down with us.
Luckily we didn't die. : )

We have new neighbors.
Vlad is from England and is a soccer fan.
Sergio is also a soccer fan.
They were instant friends.

Vlad has jetskiies.
Sergio is terrified of jetskiies...
After insulting Sergio's masculinity in a way that only friends can...
Sergio got on the jet ski. 
Notice the look of fear on his face. 
This is about as fast as Sergio went on the jet ski. 
I was so proud of him!!
I think he actually liked it too!!

Vlad gives him a month to be off and doing cookies.
...He hasn't be back on them since.

Thanks Vlad!

Girls Camp was Incredible!!!

So I haven't been a very good blogger lately.
I haven't really felt like there was anything interesting to blog about, and when there has been, I have forgotten to take pictures.

Last week I had something to blog about AND pictures!!

We had our first Girl's Camp in our new presidnecy.
We went up by Easley's Hot Springs past Ketchum.
It was a 2 1/2 hour drive and these were 
our travel buddies.
They immulated their excitement.

We had "an incredible" camp director, Vivian.
With "an incredible" theme.
It came from the talk by Quentin L. Cook
Our main theme came off of this quote:
"Our women are not incredible because they have managed to avoid the difficulties of life—quite the opposite. They are incredible because of the way they face the trials of life. Despite the challenges and tests life has to offer—from marriage or lack of marriage, children’s choices, poor health, lack of opportunities, and many other problems—they remain remarkably strong and immovable and true to the faith. Our sisters throughout the Church consistently “succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees."

Once we got to camp we didn't waste any time. 
We got camp all set up...
I laughed at all the stuff we had when there were only 15 of us and it was only for 2 days...
but our "Incredible" young women had their tent up in seconds and they were all ready to rough it. 
Once we were settled in we headed out on our hike...
which included our own personal marshmellow guns.
The hike seemed to go a lot faster, maybe because the first half we were all trying to run away from each other. 
Our girls were "incredibly" tough and I didn't hear a word of complaining.
When we made it back to camp they were ready to go off to get fire wood.  
Look at those incredibly strong muscles!
After all the hard work we were all ready for a good old fashion moutain women dinner...
Hot dogs and smores over the fire.
I garentee if you asked any of the Young Women they would tell you it was incredible.
After a yummy incredible dinner we headed off to a couple of hot pots to get our swimming on.
(I may or may not have "forgot" my camera every time that there was swimming involved...)

There was never a dull moment and we all had an opportunity to be "incredibly" goofy...
and we looked good doing it.

Vivian always knows how to party...even without running water.
We had an incredible glow in the dark dance off...
Litterally you would dance until all of your glowsticks fell off.
We got down.

Soon after dancing we headed to bed...but we all had a hard time sleeping.
I don't know if it was from the vsions of us dancing still in our heads, or maybe the ghost footsteps we could hear right outside our tent.

The next day I couldn't find my camera so I really didn't get all of the pictures that I would have liked to...so now you will have imagine most of the rest of this post.

We eventually got up in the morning and ate a dutch oven breakfast.
We took the morning slow and did a few crafts, all out of duct tape.
Wallets, pens, purses, whatever we wanted.
They turned out amazing incredible! 

A little later we went to the fish hatchery in Stanley.  It was about a 40 minute drive but well worth it.   
They had a tour at 1:30 that we made it pretty much just in time for...maybe a little late.  But that's pretty normal for a group of lovely ladies.

I learned a lot about salmon...and all fish.
(Fact: Fish can get sunburned, seriously.)

One of the things that I thought was most interesting is the way they know that the baby salmon are ready to go out of the tanks/vats and into the real world is that they will all move down stream and huddle at one end of the vat. 
When they get out into the real world they swim through streams, creeks, rivers, over dams, avoiding fishermen, all the way to the ocean where they live for 3 or 4 years and then they will swim all the way back home where they lay their eggs and live out the rest of their lives. 
Really only 1% makes it all the way to their goal.     
We also got to watch the big surviving salmon coming back home.
I love that they always remember where they came from and do all that they can get back home to be able to start their own families.  
(image courtesy of google)
As one of my young women leaders, Sister Jolene Hobson, would always say..."It's kind of like life."
It's kind of like life how we all are born into this world and we all have distinct instincts of what we need to do in this life.  We know right and wrong and something in our hearts leads us to know where we need to go.  We get out into the real world and we have trial and troubles, some don't survive, but in our hearts we know to, as Dory from Finding Nemo says to, "Just keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming!" 
Our ultimate goal is to be able to make it back to our Heavenly Father and have our own eternal families.

Pretty incredible right?

After we got done watching the fishies we decided to do a little swimming ourselves.
We went to Easley's hotsprings and played for a couple of hours.
We had a blast.

Around six'ish we headed back to camp and started making dinner.
We dutch oven cooked BBQ beef and potatoes and cobbler.

About the time dinner was ready our fearless priesthood leaders made their way up to camp.
We ate dinner and sang a few camp fire songs and then we had our testimony meeting.
Everyone that knows anything about Young Women's Girls Camp knows that testimony meeting is always the best part of camp.

Each Young Women was given a candle that said, "Arise and Be Incredible." 
After they bore their testimony they lit their candle. By the end of testimony meeting everyone's candles were lit and illuminating the faces of all the girls and leaders. 
It was incredible.

As the night winded down Vivian surprised us all with a letter from our parents!
Even us leaders got one.

My mom, dad and Sergio had all wrote me a letter.
They made me feel so special.

Soon afterwards we headed to bed.
The next day we got up and tried getting things out of our car only to find that they keys were missing and the car was locked.
At first we thought the girls were just playing a joke on us, but it didn't take very long for us to realize that it was very much not a joke.

The girls are so incredible that their 1st instinct was to say a prayer.
We gathered around and had a group prayer.
A couple minutes later a couple of girls came down from the out houses saying that a truck and trailer had shredded a tire and they were waiting for AAA to come and fix it.  The girls mentioned that we were also having some car troubles and they said that they would send help down our way as soon as it arrived.
I felt bad that their tire had shredded because I knew that we had prayed them there.

While we waited for help we finished up packing up and loading our trailer.
A police officer stopped to help the other people and then they radioed in another police officer to jimmy open our lock. 
Luckily the keys were in the car and we were on our way home in no time.

But not without a stop at the Shake Out in Shoshone.
They have the best hamburgers and ice cream in the world.

Overall camp was....well you get the idea.