Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring?!? Nope, just kidding...

Yesterday we had a beautifully perfect day.
It was easily in the 60*'s
Warm I know!!

We didn't want to miss out on a gorgeous day
so headed out to the park.
The Gringanada LOVED the slides.
She even climbed up the whole jungle jim and went down the slide with out hardly any help. 
She wasn't really a fan of the swings though.
Here she just looks bored, but I think the swinging actually scared her a little bit.
It was either being scared, or she just really really wanted to be out playing with the other kids. 

The park was extra nice because this hansom man was there.
Isn't he stunning?
Yah I think so too.
She was quite the explorer. 
It was good to see her so happy.
I wish I had pictures of her playing with the other kids.
(I didn't know how the other playground parents would feel about the crazy lady taking pictures of their kids.)  
She would just copy everything they did. 
It was so stinking cute. 
But then again everything she does is cute.
Am I gloating.
Maybe a little.

Too bad Spring couldn't have lasted just a little bit longer.
We are back down to a very crisp, windy day.

Light Snow
Light Snow Earlier
30 °F
Feels Like 16 °F
Wind 24 mph
(Thanks wunderground.com)

One Year Tribute!

How can one tiny person learn and grow so much in one short little year.

Here's our Gringanada's 1st year:  A tribute.

On February 9th 2011 at 5 am my water broke at home.
I quickly showered and we headed to the hospital.
Miss H was born at 12:34 in the afternoon.
She was perfect in every way. 
1st Kiss 
1st Best Friend
1st Bath

A month later she was blessed in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.
It was a special occasion. 
She looked like an angel.

In April She was the cutest thing the Easter bunny had ever brought me.
We also had our very first overnight outing where we made a trip to General Conference in SLC, UT.

(Argentina's Independence day) 
1st Big Girl Food!

In June was had special visitors from Argentina.
Sergio's brother and sister-in-law came to visit.
We had a lot of fun with them.
She also got to eat things that weren't just cereal...
like squash...
and foot. 

We loved celebrating Independence Day
Our Gringanada LOVED the fireworks.
And she looked like a little firecracker herself.

By August she had learned a few new tricks.
She could stand up if we put her up to something.
And she even learned how to sit up. 
We had an amazing vacation for my Birthday.
We got to head down to Argentina so that Hazel could meet all of her amazing family.
We had so much fun.
It was something that we will never forget.
I loved watching Sergio's family love and hug our little baby. 
It was really hard on all of us to leave.

In September Miss H. was in desperate need for a hair cut.
Her hair was always sticking straight up and never looked nice.
It looked much better afterwards. 
It was really fun watching her personality really develop.
She started turning out to be quite the goof ball. 

In August Miss H. just kept getting one ear infection after the other 
so our Dr. decided that it was probably time for tubes.
The surgery went really well.  She has only had one ear infection since then...now if we can just get her over having constant sinus infections we will be awesome.

Even though sometimes she doesn't feel very well, she is usually still in a pretty good mood.
We had a super happy Halloween.
She was the cutest Witch EVER.
We love those chunky thighs.

Isn't she beautiful!
So dramatic right?
She is quite the drama queen.
Happy Thanksgiving!  She's a huge fan of turkey...and pretty much any other food for that matter.
She has always been really easy to feed.  Not a picky eater at all.
Maybe that explains all the rolls.

December is always a special holiday for any little person.
Although she wasn't a fan of Santa,
she sure loved all the fun new things that he brought.
It was so fun watching Miss H and Miss C share everything Christmas morning.  The just took turns checking out each others things. 
My favorite part of this Christmas was watching the girls play with this Little People's nativity.
They loved it.
Even on Christmas morning it was her favorite choice. 

We had a lot of fun celebrating the new year.
She has always been quite the night owl...she fell asleep right before midnight, so I had to wake her up to make sure she didn't miss anything. 
At the end of January we got to make our way to Arizona.
We had a fun trip.
Our Gringanada is an awesome traveler.
She slept most of the way.
It's funny that we had to go to AZ to play in snow.
It was fun getting to see my mom's side of the family.  We sure love them.

It has been a very Happy year.
We love our little girl.
I look back on pictures and I can't believe so much time has already passed.
Some days I miss when she cuddled up in my arms and all the little sounds that she made.
I love watching her learn and grow every day.  
I love that wonder in her eyes when she sees something new or when she realizes that she can do something she had never done.
She can't wait until daddy gets home to run to him and give him hugs and kisses.
She loves her mommy and her mommy loves her.
She is our sweetheart.
She is perfect.

Here's to many more years!

Cute as a Button! Happy Birthday Gringanada!

(One month late.)
Our little Gringanada turning ONE was a big deal!
We wanted to do something extra special for her 1st Birthday.
We found some fun bright colors and started searching for the right, original theme.
In the end we came up with "As Cute as a Button" because, seriously how perfect is that for someone as darling as our little girl.
We had a little trip to Arizona and my Tia Lene was able to take some awesome pictures of our little princess.

As we got closer to B-day we started preparing to make a fun button-ful cake.
The buttons were made out of white chocolate.  We found an excellent mold at Karen's Cookies that worked perfectly.
My mom and I had a blast stretching our creative side and working on our mad cake building skills.
We didn't have a lot of positive experience with cake stacking and very little experience with fondant.
We used the Marshmallow fondant which turned out Deli-sh.
We also had cupcakes for party favors.

When it came time for setting up for the party, I was pretty grateful that we had an air compressor.
We had about a gazillion balloons filled up in no time.
The birthday girl helped us mix up the colors.
She did an awesome job.
We hung the balloons from the ceiling in bunches and then left some on the floor for the little ones to play with.  It was a lot cheaper than helium and looked really fun.
This was our spread in the end.
We had rolled tortillas filled with ham, cheese and other fun things and others filled with dulce de leche and bananas or PB & J.
We also had relish shot glasses with ranch in the bottom. 
(Thanks Pintrest)
Everything turned out Heavenly,
and it wouldn't have turned out at all had it not been for my amazing mother.
(Thanks Mom)
We had a couple of little short games, like how much do you know about our little button:
What time was she born?
How many teeth does she have?
Etc. Etc.

Then we played:
Will she...
Will she clap,
Will she play patty cake,
Will she find her daddy,

It was a fun way to show off some of the amazing things she has learned in the last year.

The little Birthday Girl got a lot of fun things.
She had a lot of fun opening presents.

Then it was time for CAKE!
She destroyed it!!
Overall it was a super happy birthday.

We all had a lot of fun celebrating with our Sweet Gringanada.