Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hives...and what not...

Yesterday night ZZ broke out into the most beautiful array of impressive shades of pinks and reds.
I think it was because I put a new sweater on her without washing it first.
I took it off and washed her down in the shower with some baking soda and it had went away.

When she woke up this morning she was covered in hives again. 
I was heading into town anyways, so I quickly got her dressed and called her Dr. to see if they could fit her in.  They were awesome and said we just needed to show up and they would find a place for her, even though they were completely swamped. 
The Doctor asked me if she had eaten anything new, if she had used a new lotion or shampoo, etc.
I didn't really know how to answer.
I can't even tell you what all she ate yesterday
Isn't that what everyone eats on Christmas? 
He said he always asks these same questions but very rarely do they find what has really caused this kind of reaction.
He put her on 5 days of steroids and suggested benadryl. 
I felt so bad for my little baby.
She was in a really good mood anyway. 
Even if she was a little bit itchy. 
The worst part were her poor little eyes.
It was actually the first thing I noted being swollen.
It would also be on one shoulder and then later all over the other. 
Hopefully she will be spot free and feeling better soon. 


Janiece said...

She has been in a pretty good mood for having those ugly bumps everywhere.

Kara D. said...

It's sad to say that just about anything can cause hives. Most of the time you just have to wait it out. I hope ZZ feels better soon!

Lene said...

Stress hives from being scared of Santa...

Kira Rivadeneira said...

Darlene that is probably exactly what it is. I didn't think about that.

Kara, they are still sticking around. It's pretty lame.