Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fall 2012 (lots of pictures)

So I have noticed I am getting a little behind in my blogging, but too many fun things have happened in the last few months to not at least mention all the fun that we have been having as this year is wrapping up.

In October we took ZZ to choose a couple of pumpkins.

She had a blast and we found some good ones. 
ZZ was a really good helper.
She wanted to pick up all of the pumpkins and put them on the trailer all by herself. 
All and all I think her very favorite part was the sucker that the farmer gave her.
We stayed pretty busy after picking our pumpkins, so we didn't ever find the time to carve/paint them...but the picking is the fun part anyway.
What kept us the most busy was her getting her tonsils out a couple of days after picking them.

Oh and the fact that we also had family pictures taken... 
I thought she looks pretty fabulous considering that these pictures were only 2 days post-op.

We also got to celebrate Halloween.
The ward Halloween party took up most of the night, but we got a little bit of time to see Miss C and eat some of my Aunt Pam and Uncle Don's yummy home-made doughnuts and root-beer   It just wouldn't be Halloween without getting to visit them and share their yummy treats.

The first week in November I got to go to the Boise temple open house with our young women.
It was a blast.
I love hanging out with those girls.

A couple of days before Thanksgiving my mommy and I made an impromptu trip up to Idaho Falls to visit my Aunt Pennie.
Our family has a multi-generational tradition of making Peppernut cookies.
They are a German cookie that are made with anis and black pepper and then glazed.
They are pretty different than your usual Christmas cookie...but nothing says the holidays at our house quite like making peppernuts.

Thanksgiving was wonderful.
We had a pretty good turnout this year and the food was heavenly.

Some of my favorite moments this year have come from our little ZZ.
This has been one of her favorite new games, although it is starting to die out a little bit.
She will pull all of the cans out of the cupboards and then start stacking them...or lining them up as in this case.  When Miss C is over, they can make super towers together.
It's actually pretty cute, and she is really good at putting them back when she is done if you help her to remember.

I love this picture of Sergio and ZZ.
She is starting to figure out that her daddy is pretty awesome.
I think she is slowly heading the way of the Daddy's girl.
I don't blame her though...I think her daddy is pretty awesome too.

This is ZZ's Superwomen picture.  
Hiding behind her darling Mr. Potato-head glasses are her lazer-beaming eyes. 
They help her see though walls and double as reading glasses for her fisher-price was her favorite "book" for as long as it lasted.

We had a wonderful fall.
I love being able to stay at home with ZZ and watching her grow up.
She is learning a bunch and makes me happy.

I hope that you all enjoyed your fall as well.
We are well on our way into winter now and it looks like it is going to be just as memorable.