Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Have you ever wondered what 28 some odd dozen empanada tapas looks like?
Well just in case I thought I had better share this picture.
Sergio spent a couple of weekends in December selling his delicious empanadas.
I was really surprised at all of the interest that we received from people that had never even heard of empanadas.
I think it was mostly nice to have something new to eat in our small town.  
Pretty much everyone that tried them was hooked, and since Sergio loves cooking he is too.

He is one of those people that if he has a day off he wants to keep being busy.
We have taken a few weeks off for the holidays, but he is counting the days until he can sell more.
We will keep you posted of when we open our national food chain in the future.  : ) 

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Janiece said...

Sorry, we had to take over the kitchen for Christmas Candy and Peppernut making!
LOVE his empandadas.