Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Story of US...The long version.

This last week has been Sergio and my Anniversary week!
We are lucky enough to have a whole week of festivities.
Today is our actually wedding anniversary.  So in commemoration I have decided to blog our very long story about us.
I met Sergio while I was on my mission in Argentina.  He was our ward Elder's Quorm President in my last area.  I remember the first time I met him.  It was my first day in Tucuman Centro and we had gone over because Sergio and his brother, Juan, always helped the missionaries teach lessons.  Sergio answered.  He was in ragged clothes and his hair was all messed up like he had just woken up.  I remember my companion, Hna Ream, saying…'He usually doesn’t look like that.’  She was right.  Sergio was always in a dress shirt and slacks and was always dressed to the 9’s.  Mostly because of his job as a Marketing Consultant he knew that image was everything.  As a missionary I found him kind, outgoing, and he was a great help with missionary work, but there was something about him that I always tried to keep my distance from him.  I guess the nice way to say it was that I wasn't very fond of him.  (Later I decided that this feeling was a way for my heart to protect me and let me be a good missionary, because if I would have known how much I was going to love him it would have been impossible.)
While I had been on my mission my mom had got in contact with Sergio and they became “facebook friends.”  When I came home from my mission I really missed Argentina.  My mom still kept in contact with Sergio and his brother Juan.  She would always try to get me to talk to him online, but I had little interest in keeping in contact with him.  I found that after my mission that I wanted to kind of eliminate anything that reminded me of Argentina so that it wouldn't hurt so bad being so far away from the people that I had taught and loved so much.
Juan was getting ready to be married in Buenos Aires and he invited my mom and I to come.  I think he was completely surprised to hear my mom say that we would be coming.  But not nearly as surprised as I was when we got permission from my dad.  I was excited to go and show my mom my mission and let her meet all the amazing people that I had met in the year and a half that I had served there.
We arrived in Argentina in July 2009.  We went to Juan and Antonella’s wedding.  It was beautiful and the sealing was one of the most amazing sealings I have ever been to.   After the wedding ceremony they had rented a van to take everyone back to a dinner at her grandparents home, but the van was short a seat.  I decided that I would travel a crossed Buenos Aires with Sergio so he wouldn’t have to go by himself and send my mom in the van because it was going to take a while. 
I am so glad that I did.
That bus ride, subway ride and walk changed my eternity.
We talked and I felt something in my heart that I had never felt before.  At first I thought it was just a crush. I thought…Hey I am on vacation!! I’m not a missionary! I can date hot Argentines!  I am going home in 10 days anyway!
It turns out that it was love.

A few days later we headed back to northern Argentina where I served my mission.  I saw Sergio a lot and he was an amazing cook.  I loved pretty much everything about him.  My mom and I went to some of the other areas of mission with a friend, Luciana.  Sergio had to stay home because of work.  We were only gone a couple of days…but I missed him. 
When the 10 days were over I still wasn’t ready to come home.  I called my dad and asked if we could stay for a couple more days.  He said yes since he was in one of the busiest times of the year and wasn’t really ever home anyway.  Our quick 10 day trip soon turned into a month.  Then 2 months.  At about that point my dad was threatening my mom with a divorce if she didn't come home soon.

I knew that soon I was going to have to make a decision.  Go home and probably never see Sergio again…or get married.

 I will never forget the day Sergio Skyped my dad.  I think I was more nervous than he was…which probably added to his nervousness.   We were in a public computer library and he told my dad in broken English that he would like to marry me.  I went and hid in another booth dying of a mixture of excitement and anxiety.  I walked over to see how things were going when my dad said… “well you can marry her as long as you love her as much as I do.”  I will never forget his response. “I think I will love her more.”
My dad started finding a way to be able to make his way to Argentina to be with us.  We scheduled a temple appointment for October 10th.  The temple was getting ready to close a couple of weeks later so really, everything worked out perfectly…but we had very little time to plan.

While my dad was in Argentina we made a quick trip around some of my mission and headed home.

I felt so overwhelmed because things just weren’t quite how I imagined my wedding.  My heart hurt that my family wasn’t going to be able to be there and I struggled a lot about what everyone was going to say about me.  (Marrying someone from your mission is strongly looked down upon, especially in my mission, because everyone assumes that you broke the mission rules of no dating while you are a missionary.)  I don’t know why I was so worried about that but it really took its toll on me.  Most of my friends and family were very supportive and a little sad that they weren’t going to be with me on my big day.

One of the ladies in our ward offered to make my dress for me.  She was so sweet.  We went and picked out fabric.  We only had one fitting and she whipped my dress together.  
We weren’t going to have a reception, but our Bishop was so kind.  He said…you guys don’t have to come but we are having a reception for you anyway!

In Argentina an LDS temple marriage isn’t considered legally binding so we got to be married two times!

On October 7th, 2009 we crowded into a small courthouse (that they just so happened to be remodeling while we were getting married) in Sergio’s hometown where we were legal married.  It was a simple ceremony with a lot of words.  All of his family a couple of his friends and my parents were there.   Afterwards we went back to Sergio’s house where we had a little fiesta.
The next night the Young Women’s presidency and a few other people in our ward had put together a nice reception for us.  I showed up really late (yes to my own reception) because I was kind of mildly freaking out.   
When we entered the reception hall we were greeted with so many friendly faces.  
They told me that we were going to have the waltz.  
The What?  I didn’t have the slightest idea of how to dance, let alone in front of the some 100+ people that were there.  The young women swept me into a small classroom and taught me the basic steps.  Then rushed me back into the multi-purpose room.  The music started and I made a fool of myself, at least I felt like a fool.   
The tradition is that first you start dancing with your groom then other people can cut in.  
Anyone that wants to congratulate you on your wedding is able to take a turn dancing with you.   It is much more fun than your traditional Mormon reception line: Drop the gift, shake hands, eat cake and go.

The next day we packed up and My mom, Dad, Mother-in-law and Father-in-law, Sergio and I all got on a bus and made our way the 14+ hours to Buenos Aires.  We arrived the morning of our wedding.  When we finally arrived there were only a couple of hours until our sealing.  We talked with Juan and Antonella for a while and I quickly got ready.  I was so stressed out because my hair wouldn’t do anything and due to really bad planning all 8 of us were trying to get ready in a very crowded one bedroom 1 bathroom apartment.
We were finally headed out the door and on our way to the temple.  We started by riding on a train, then by bus, then we realized that we were running late so we caught a cab only to find out that none of our cab drivers knew how to get us to the temple.  It was more than a little frustrating.  By the time we finally got there we really were late.  I got dressed into my wedding dress only to find that the long sleeves that were suppose to attach to my short sleeved dress didn’t quite cover my whole arm so I had to wear a overcoat, which would have been fine except the only size that they had left was extra extra extra large.  At that point I didn’t care though.  I was just happy to have made it to the temple.

The sealing room was beautiful.  It was ceiling to floor mirrors.  Sergio looked as handsome as ever.

After the sealing I tried to make my hair presentable which was pretty much impossible at this point.  I gave up since everyone was waiting for us outside of the temple and we made our grand exit into the real world as a married couple for time and all eternity. 
We got several pictures, but none of them turned out quite the way I would have liked them to. 
I am pretty sure it is because we were all completely and totally exhausted.  After that we went back to Juan and Antonella's house (on the other side of town again) for a late dinner as is tradition in Argentina.  In all honesty it was very kind of them but I was ready to get out of there!
The next day my mom and dad made their way back to the States. We met them at the airport to say bye.   Sergio and I enjoyed a week of honey mooning in the romantic city of Buenos Aires before we headed back to northern Argentina where the rest of our lives began.
The last few years have been quite the adventure.  We have yet to have a dull moment.  I am so grateful to be married to such a wonderful guy.  I will be eternally grateful that we found each other. I love Sergio.  I love his testimony and the faith that he has in our Heavenly Father.  I love the way we argue over stupid things.  I love that I never have to ask him to take out the garbage or any of those other chores, he just sees that they need to be done and he does it. I love the way he plays with ZZ. She is our greatest joy.  I am grateful for his patience with me, even when I am not patient.  He is one heck of a guy and I am excited to see what all eternity has in store for us!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!


Janiece said...

happy anniversary sunshine!
Dad and I love you so very much and are grateful that you have such a great guy to spend eternity with.

Kara D. said...

I feel really bad that I didn't remember your anniversary when it came around. What a horrible friend I am!
I love this blog. I am probably one of those friends who wasn't totally supportive of you getting married in Argentina because I always pictured being at your wedding, or at least your reception, but everything happens for a reason, and you are Sergio are meant to be together! I'm so happy for you!