Tuesday, October 30, 2012

T&A: The Update.

So I haven't been very good at taking pictures of our sick Gringanada.
Mostly because there isn't really anything to take a picture of.
She has actually done really well.
She has been a little more sensitive than normal and she wants to be held a lot more.  The very first day was the worst so far.  She cried a lot and I didn't really know how to comfort her.
She doesn't find teasing and tickling very funny right now and she just kind of wants everyone to leave her alone.
She did run a 101.5* fever in the evening of the 1st and 2nd day.
The biggest problem we have had is that she doesn't like to take any liquid medicines.
So basically I had to force feed her every time she needed ibuprofen or Tylenol.  It was horrible, but it really made her feel better.  I eventually gave up trying because it wasn't worth the battle. Although she took it just fine when Ali gave it to her...Little Brat.  
We finally got her the ibuprofen chew tablets and that has made a huge difference.
As far as eating and drinking, she hasn't done too bad.
I just have constantly offered her something to drink and always had plenty of snacks like ice, ice cream, ice cream cake...all of those good things.
One of the biggest differences I have noticed so far is that ZZ has had awesome monster breath...and brushing doesn't help.  Her almost constant runny nose has also basically gone away, but she does drool a lot the last few days.
I think it is a mixture of the scabs in the back of her throat and not drinking quite as much as usual.
She hasn't been talking as much as normal.
She doesn't say a whole lot anyway, but now she just keeps extra quite.

Day Two Post Op was also Sergio's birthday.
We should have probably taken it easy, but we didn't.
We had several errands to run and ZZ was a trooper.
She loved helping her daddy open all of his presents.
Day Three was church and she slept a lot that day. 
 We only made it to sacrament and she was running down the isles and army crawling under the benches like normal.
You would never have guessed that she had her tonsils taken out a few days before, but that evening she was pretty grumpy.
Day Four we had family pictures and we had a melt down right before we left.
I thought it was going to be horrible, but she smiled in every picture...and even when we were all done taking pictures she was still smiling with Miss C.
I have done her hair the least amount possible too.
So basically...I did it for pictures...and that is all.
She never likes me to do it, but it seems like her hair has been really sensitive.
You know when you run a fever and your hair hurts?  
I wonder if it is something like that.
I made the mistake of Googling tonsillectomy in toddlers right before the surgery and other people have had it a lot worst off than we have.
I am glad that this has been a lot better experience than what I had read.
 Over all she is still just a little goof ball...but just a little less goofy than normal.
ZZ has her next Dr's appointment on the 7th so expect another update soon.


Janiece said...

She has been awesome!

Lene said...

I am so glad everything went well

Kara D. said...

Kids just seem to heal and pick themselves up so fast! Good job, ZZ, and good job mommy!

SAYDA said...

What a brave little girl. I'm glad she healed without any problems. She is too cute.