Friday, October 26, 2012

T & A: Tonsils and Adenoids That Is...Day 1

Tonsils and Adenoids probably aren't the first thing you think of when you hear T&A.
I chuckled in my heart every time it was referenced...since I think she is a little small to have either kind of surgery (20 months old). 
This is my a little update on our Gringanada.

Needless to say last night I didn't sleep at all.
I don't know how many times I woke up just to check the clock to make sure I hadn't slept in.  I don't think running late was really my concern...but that's how my subconscious handled the stress of the pre-surgery.
This morning we headed to the clinic at 7:30 where we waited in a waiting room while they had me sign a bundle of papers of all the things that could happen but they didn't want to be responsible of if they did.
They told me about the procedure.
Basically they were going to take her into the O.R. and put her to sleep on gas, then while she was asleep they would put an IV in. After the IV is in they run a breathing tube down her throat so that her airways don't get closed off when they are working in her little mouth.
I don't know all of the techniques they use to actually remove the tonsils and adenoids but I know burning was mentioned.  That's about the time I tuned out. The whole surgery takes about 30 minutes.
They leave her in a recovery room to wake up before they bring her back to the room where we were waiting.
All of the nurses were super sweet and helpful.  I really love the ambulatory center.

When Dr. Paterson came in after the procedure he said that everything went really well and that ZZ's tonsils were actually pretty scarred up for her age and that it was a good decision to have them taken out.  I was grateful he said that because I had been second guessing if she really needed this surgery or not, so that put my mind to rest. 
He also said that putting ZZ's IV's in took longer than the whole tonsillectomy.
When I saw her after the surgery I could tell what he meant.
I think I counted 7 "tries" and 1 actual hit.
That arm actually has 3 tires in it.
This was what her IV looked like when she came out of the operation room. I know that little kids are really hard to hit and that ZZ's pudgy arms probably didn't help a whole lot...but 7 times seems a little excessive. 
 The anesthesiologist came in and joked that I would have to be careful when she drinks water because she could leak like a strainer.
I don't know if I gave her a sympathy laugh or scowled at her but the good news is that they finally got in in her.
I think the hardest part for me was when I could hear her crying in the recovery room and I couldn't go and comfort her.  She wasn't there for very long before they brought her in to me and I realized that  it wouldn't have mattered if I was in there or not, she wasn't going to be comforted. 
We did have a little mommy daughter moment where I did feel like I could help...
Even if it only lasted for a moment...
She was not impressed with the oxygen monitor on her foot and she wanted it off right now and she was as mad as a hornet that they they made her leave it on. 
Once it was off she cuddled right in and stayed pretty calm.
It took her a while to actually wake up.
Once she did really wake up she just cried...and cried...
and cried...
So we got her home and pumped her up with ibuprofen and Tylenol.
I think this picture pretty much captures exactly how completely and horribly miserable she really did feel.  Her little face was so swollen, especially her little lips.  
It's been a pretty long day.  We have watched like 6 rounds of Disney movies, ate ice, a banana, half a popsicle, and a couple of capri suns.
She was really thirsty but drinking out of her sippy cup hurt really bad, but the capri sun evidently wasn't as hard to suck.
She was also really hungry and every time she would find something that looked extra yummy to her, like a donut hole for example, she would take a small nibble and then start crying and spit it out.  
We did have some playing moments too. 
They weren't very long but they were there.
I showered her tonight because she has been drooling a lot and she HATES taking her medicine so she was getting pretty sticky.  While she was in the shower I was singing to I find myself doing a lot (the acoustics in there are awesome!)
As I sang The Wise Man and the Foolish Man...she helped me sing the chorus which was kind of a big deal since I hadn't heard her say really anything all day.  She also helped me sing the BEAM part in Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam.
It brought joy to my soul.

Overall I hope she keeps getting feeling better and better and better, but I have heard that day 3-5 are usually the worst.  So basically the day we get family pictures taken or Halloween.
The whole recovery time is usually 10 days, and from what I understand it takes the whole 10 days.

So needless to say we will be taking these next few days pretty easy.
I will try to keep updating the blog to have everything documented.

I would like to thank all of my amazing family and friends for all of your help (Mom) and support and prayers.  I have felt comforted, and I think ZZ has too.
So thanks to you all and please...keep it coming. 


Lynda said...

My little guy had his T & A's out at three and a half years. His recovery was very quick, and he's been so much healthier ever since.

They really don't remember much at this age. I think it's so much more traumatic for us. I'll say a prayer for both of you. Blessings!

Janiece said...

She will feel so much better. I think today will be the worse day, just because of the drugs they give her to sleep. You did awesome and I am grateful you let me be with you during the wait.
I love you.

The Freemans said...

Oh sweet girl! I hope she feels better soon. What a trooper!

Kira Rivadeneira said...

Thank you, she actually acts like she is feeling a bit better this morning. She is a strong little bugger for sure.

Lene said...

Poor thing. I hope she is feeling better.

And I will never think of T&A as anything but tonsils and adenoids.

Kara D. said...

Reading your blog reminded me of Uriah's surgery. He was crying afterwards and there was nothing we could do to console him, and I was crying because he was crying, and Jared had to take Uriah from me so that I could go cool off somewhere, and of course Jared got Uriah to go to sleep. Surgery on a little one is not easy, but I know ZZ won't have any more sick days now. Hooray!