Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Little Getaway

In celebration of Anniversary Week Sergio came home from work on Wednesday a little bit early with beautiful red roses and chocolates.
We packed our bags and hit the road.
We headed towards Logan, Utah because there are few things more beautiful than seeing the trees change colors in Cache Valley.

We made it to Maddox's in Brigham City, Utah right about the time they were closing.
They are pro's at grilling up a perfect steak.  We were both starving so it was extra delicious!
After dinner we headed to Logan, where we stayed at Anniversary Inn.
They are an awesome bed and breakfast.
The service is awesome.  
It is really private and they even have cheese cake and sparkling cider waiting in the room for you.
The next day we went to the temple and did a sealing session.
It was extra awesome because we were the only couple there for the first 20 minutes or so.
Afterwards we headed to an awesome corn maze at the American West Heritage Center.
The weather was perfect and the company was great.
We had so much fun getting lost together.
We eventually found our way out of the maze.
Even though it was on a less traveled path.
After we had done the whole 'maze in the light' thing we decided to up the ante and do the black out maze.
It was really dark.
Sergio was less of a fan of this one.
I am terrified of the I am proud to say that I made my way all the way through.
High-five anyone?

The best part of the corn maze is that it has a bunch of other fun things to do too.
There was a gourd launcher...
A tomahawk throw...

and BB guns!
There was also a big slide but we opted out of that one.

It is also kind of like a live history museum.
They had a man teaching people how to make lead bullets and a few other booths.
AND if you are there after 5:00 there are pony rides and train rides!

After we had all the fun we could handle there we found this awesome little "Brazilian" Restaurant called the Gaucho Grill.
(Sergio was convinced that there was very little Brazillian about it since Gaucho is an Argentina word and all the decor was pretty Argentine too.)
The food was awesome!
The meat was cooked perfectly in true Brazilian style.

Once we were stuffed we headed home again.
ZZ had a lot of fun with Grandma but I think she was pretty excited to see us again.
She just ran around is circles.
It's kind of silly how much I can miss this little girl.
We are so grateful for this last few years and all the blessing that we have received and she is definitely our favorite one.


Janiece said...

It looks like it was an amazing get a way. I hope it is something you will do every year.

Marci and Stuart Taylor said...

AWEEEE!!! Looks like such a fun weekend!!!! Logan is the place to be! Love you two so much. Happy Anniversary!!

Kara D. said...

What room did you stay in at the Anniversary Inn? I just love that place :)