Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Murphy's Law...or something else?

These last couple of week have been a little insane.
At first glace it really looks like
is catching up to us...

On the Saturday of General Conference as Sergio was pulling out of the Stake Center parking lot after the Priesthood Session and he nicked the side of someone's car.  Sergio was mortified.  Luckily they were in the car and they were able to swap information.

There wasn't any damage to our car except what was left from their paint.
They had their car looked at and the estimate was that it would be $512 to fix the dent and repaint.
(We didn't turn it into our insurance because we like our low non-accident rate a lot better.) 

Our heater had also went out on our car a few weeks before so I took it in to get fixed.
The next day I brought my car home from the shop.
We hung outside for a little while but I kept smelling smoke.  
...it didn't take long to realize that it was coming from my car!  I popped the hood and the smoke came pouring out.
Feel free to watch this short panicky video of the fire...
It was seriously in flames...and all of our fire extinguishers were empty.
Thank goodness for Baking Soda.  
It put the fire right out.
We called the repair people and they sent out a wrecker to pick up my car the next morning.
A few days later they had replaced a few things ($0) and I had my car back.
They still don't know why the car had caught on fire and it wasn't really anywhere close to the heater core but since it happened right after it got out of the shop they took care of it..

Sergio has also reached his 2 year mark for getting his green card, so we are now in the process of getting it changed from temporary to a permanent resident.
(You can read about the whole process of doing this the first time on my mom's blog
here and here.)
This time the paperwork seemed quite a bit easier.
We had to give every bit of evidence that we could find (tax forms, birth certificates, bank accounts, car titles, health insurance cards, etc.) that we are actually still a married couple.  I sent all of it off this week with a check for $590.  I don't know how long it will take to hear back from them whether it is has been approved or asking for more information.
Hopefully it is all a smooth process.  It has been more complicated than we expected in the past.
I am sure I will keep you all updated on all this fun stuff.
Next year he can apply for Citizenship...which is a whole new set of paperwork...but would also mark the end of our paper trail.

Today ZZ had her 1 year check up from getting tubes.
It's pretty amazing how much she has grown!
At her 6 month check up I had told the doctor that ZZ was still always getting sick and that she snores at night.  
He looked at her tonsils and said they looked like they were pretty big.
Although she has been doing much better in the last few months, she still gets sick regularly, she gets food stuck in her throat easily and she still had a little snore.
Today he looked at her tonsils and said they still are really big.
We have scheduled a Tonsillectomy & the removal of her adenoids for this Friday.
I am not going to lie.  I am pretty nervous.  She is a strong little girl, but I certainly don't like to see her in pain.
Not to mention...Saturday is Sergio's Birthday and Wednesday if Halloween...I hope she is feeling up to doing fun Halloween things!

On the flip side of all of this...
EVERYTHING that could go wrong hasn't quite yet.

The car repair for Sergio's accident was $100 less than what they had original quoted which was a pleasant surprise and gratefully accepted.

With the car fire...I am so glad we stuck around outside for a little bit.  I can only imagine the damage that would have been done if we would have went straight inside the house.
I am also sooo glad I took my car into the shop when we did...I think a wrecker and the replacement parts would have been a lot more expensive than just the heater. (That is, if it really was a preexisting condition...I honestly don't believe that it was.)

Also...Sergio has been getting plenty of hours at work and overtime so that helps lighten the load quite a bit.  We are also grateful for amazing insurance that really helps out.

With ZZ tonsils...I am so excited for her to get feeling better.
I know it will probably be a little traumatic for all of us but so much better than a sick little girl.  I was actually hoping that they would be willing to take them out...but now the nervousness is starting to set in!

So I guess what I am really trying to say is that things aren't really as bad as they first appear.
We really have been taken care of.

I know that if we keep doing our part everything will turn out wonderfully.

Please send your prayers ZZ's way this weekend.
We will take all of them we can get.

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Lene said...

Keep up the good attitude.

I'm sure sweet ZZ will be fine. It will be harder on you than it will be on her.