Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Been a Pretty Fair Week. - Part 2

Fair Week in Burley is kind of a big deal.
Almost everyone comes home to visit and it is family friendly.
I think we went to the fair every single day.

Thursday night we went to the fair because Sergio was dying to see the hypnotist, but by the time it was  starting it was already time for the rodeo.

My dad picked up ZZ for me so we could enjoy it with just us big kids.
We went with our neighbors, Shana and Vlad.
It was Vlad's first time at a rodeo and it was fun listening to him and Sergio trying to convince each other that they needed to do the wild cow ride next year.
I apologize for the lack of photos.

Friday Sergio was still wanting to see the Hypnotist so we got there around 3 and ate lunch and headed over to the show.
ZZ and I didn't get to watch very much since she had other things to see.
ZZ LOVES the animals. 
Especially the cows.
She just 'Moooos' at all of them. 
She is also pretty fond of 'baaaa'ing' at the sheep. 
But I think she could live without the pigs.
They had been there all week now and were really starting to stink.
She didn't think they were quite as cool and started calling out for the cows again.
She might just be a future rancher.

At some point ZZ fell asleep so we also took a rest in the Grandstand.
We got ice cream from Al's Pizza.
It was heavenly...as always.

One of the reasons I love this little town is really shown in this picture:
How many places in the world do you know that you can just leave your blanket out to save your seat without someone not only stealing it but not even moving it so they can sit there? 
I love that small town respect for other peoples things.

That night we went to the rodeo with the whole family.
It was awesome.
The kids really actually loved it.

They loved the music and the animals.
It was a lot of fun. 
I just felt bad for the two older couples that were sitting right infront of us.
I think they got kicked & their shoulders patted all night long.
It was good to spend time with Sergio.
I'm glad that he likes to spend time with me too.

We had a really fun fair week.
I think we all decided that it needs to be fair week all the time.

I had to post this video so that everyone that couldn't make it to the rodeo could enjoy...and to show how awesome our little girl is.


Janiece said...

and the video...priceless!

Lene said...

You might just have a future Rodeo Queen on your hands.

Kara D. said...

Miss H is so adorable in that video!

Marci and Stuart Taylor said...

AGREED! I love the small town respect for others' things as well. We miss Rexburg so much! We can't wait to head back!!!