Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Baby is All Grown Up!

If you don't know anything about my husband...here's a random fact:
He hates the water.

It's not so much that he hates it as much as he fears it.

I think it is stems from a childhood phobia that his mother instilled in him.
His mother was little she got caught in a whirlpool and was literally saved by the hair on her head. 
Her cousin pulled her out of the water by her ponytail.
At least that is how I heard the story.
Needless to say, if any of us are even close to the river he almost has a nervous breakdown.
The last 2 years that we have lived here he has got in the river maybe a total of one time.

He did get on a boat once...The only reason he did that is because ZZ and I were going if he liked it our not.  
I think he decided that if we were going to die he was going to go down with us.
Luckily we didn't die. : )

We have new neighbors.
Vlad is from England and is a soccer fan.
Sergio is also a soccer fan.
They were instant friends.

Vlad has jetskiies.
Sergio is terrified of jetskiies...
After insulting Sergio's masculinity in a way that only friends can...
Sergio got on the jet ski. 
Notice the look of fear on his face. 
This is about as fast as Sergio went on the jet ski. 
I was so proud of him!!
I think he actually liked it too!!

Vlad gives him a month to be off and doing cookies.
...He hasn't be back on them since.

Thanks Vlad!


Lene said...

He's getting to be such a big boy....

Malissa said...

Hey I'm with Sergio! I HATE water! Ryan wants to buy a boat and that will NEVER happen. I have no idea where my fear came from but water is a BIG no no for me! And we live right next to a river too!

Kara D. said...

I think it's great that Sergio is stepping out of his comfort zone to try new things. I can't imagine how he has felt living right by the river for two years. I'm not afraid of the water, but I'd be terrified to live by a river with my three young children running around outside the house. That's just my overactive imagination for you. Hooray for Sergio!