Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Few of Her Favorite Things: Update

Our little Gringanada is getting big!
I really wanted to get a picture of all of her rolls.  You don't get the whole effect with her sitting down but I couldn't get her to stand up and hold still long enough to get a good picture.  
She's a little chunk though!  She has more rolls than a bakery.
Miss H can hardly wait to get outside.
All I have to do is say is "go"
and she is running to get her shoes.
She gets really stir crazy inside.
Anytime someone is leaving our house she is always trying to sneak out with them.
Especial when Ali is taking Miss C home.
She has also figured out how to open our front door to the entry way, so now we always have to keep the gate closed or she escapes.
She and Miss C love to play on the tramp.

Speaking of Tramps...
Miss H's favorite show right now is Lady and the Tramp. 
And when I say favorite show I mean that I can put it in and it is as good as nap time.  I can do anything in the hour and half that it is on.
So it's my favorite show too.
Last Friday I was switching movies out of and she got the Lady and the Tramp disc and put it in the Blue Ray player and even closed it.
I guess she thought it was her turn to choose the movie.
She is extremely smart.
It's almost scary.
She can open the computer up now.
If the computer is left unattended she is there.
You have to race her to it.
And let me just say she is pretty fast too.
Did I mention that she climbs like a monkey?
That's right.
It's insane.
She can literally climb up (and stand on) the top of Miss C's highchair.
If you just don't pay attention for 2 seconds she is up there.
We have to turn it around backwards and push it against the wall.
She has no fear, while I am chasing her down having a heart attack.

I am sure there is more to share about all that she has learned in the last couple of months.
Like how she says "amen" at the end of prayers now.
And how she loves to talk to her grandparents in Argentina and always tells them Hola on the phone.
But I can't think of everything right now.

As my final update.
I didn't want to do another blog on how sick my baby is...
So I decided just a quick update would be better.
If you remember back in October our Gringanada got tubes put it because she kept getting ear infection after ear infection.
Well since she's got tubes now she just get sinus infection after sinus infection.
They even put her on Singulair to see if it was just allergies.
I'm not sure if it is helping or not.
Last week I took her in for her 6 month check up with the specialist and just mentioned that she has been getting sick about ever 2 or 3 weeks.
He looked in her nose and throat and wrote her yet another antibiotic prescription.
I told him that I am getting kind of tired of always treating the problem but never really finding out what the real problem is. 
I then mentioned that I thought that she might have sleep apnea, since she snores and wakes herself up to take deep breaths.
That's when he told me that her tonsils are pretty big.
Bigger than they should be.
So everything is probably from that and from swollen adenoids.
Then he told me that they can't actually take them out until she is closer to two since her throat is so small.
So here's to another 10 months of her being sick.
I am really tired of her looking sick all the time.
I just feel like I can't really help her.
I guess I will just keep feeding her Strawberries
(another one of her favorite things)
And give her lots of loves and kisses
(one of my favorite things.)


Janiece said...

I sure love the little chunky monkey!

Lene said...

Hmmmm... A cute little girly with rolls. I wonder where she gets that from???

Kara D. said...

Jared's cousin (she is 5 years old) has had that same problem since she was born. Sick all the time, tubes in her ears every year and she was even going deaf. A few weeks ago they took out her adnoids and she hasn't had a problem since. No clogged ears and no more tubes or sinus infections. Hopefully when Miss H gets old enough to have the surgery done, it will fix all the problems for her too!