Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter 2012

So I have been doing a pretty horrible job updating my blog.
But I don't want to miss a wonderful Easter post!!

This year our ward didn't have an Easter egg hunt, so I had to take matters into my own hands.  I called some of my best friends to come over and celebrate with us Saturday.
We had some yummy food and then headed outside.
The weather was pretty much as perfect as it can be in April.
We had a blast looking for eggs. 
At first Miss C was trying to put all the eggs in the Gringanada's basket, until one opened and she realized there were treats inside.
The eggs were all cleaned up in a mater of seconds...or as fast as bunch of toddlers could anyways.
We all sat out on the grass and checked out our goods. 
Everyone had a blast hanging out together
Even the cats came over to play
Which I think was the highlight to the girls day. 

Friday night my mom had started running a fever and we had to take her to the hospital.  We had been planning our Easter egg hunt together, but when she ended up having pneumonia she had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days and she missed all the fun.
We went to visit her on Saturday night and took everything to dye eggs with her.
But since H wouldn't leave her mask on, and since my mom was highly contagious the nurse kindly kicked us out.
On the way home from the hospital Miss H fell asleep and missed out the egg dying...but we weren't going to skip it! 
It was Sergio's first time ever dying eggs.
We had a lot of fun and he was pretty creative! 

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny came to visit us. 
Miss H was super excited for the candy and her new pink car. 
She had her face stuffed with things before Sergio could even get upstairs.

Before we headed to church we stopped by to say hi to mom and bring her her basket.
It's a good thing we did since she was being released from the hospital, but couldn't get a hold of any of us.
I was going to teach the Young Women's lesson so Sergio dropped me off at church and then went back to pick up my mom.
He made it back to church just in time for Sacrament.

I was so glad that mom was able to make it home.
She was even more excited.
By the time we had made it home from church she already had most of our Easter dinner ready.

Josh, Ali and Miss C came over
and Derek came to have dinner with us too.
We were able to get some cute pictures of the girls. 
Even though now-a-days they hardly ever hold still long enough to get pictures of them. 
We finally had to hold them down.
I'd say over all it was a pretty awesome Easter! 


Janiece said...

I am so proud of you and the great mom you are. You keep planning fun things and making lots of memories!
It was an amazing Easter.

Lene said...

Your Easter egg hunt looks like so much fun!

And the picture of Gringanada holding the flower is classic. I want a print of it!