Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring?!? Nope, just kidding...

Yesterday we had a beautifully perfect day.
It was easily in the 60*'s
Warm I know!!

We didn't want to miss out on a gorgeous day
so headed out to the park.
The Gringanada LOVED the slides.
She even climbed up the whole jungle jim and went down the slide with out hardly any help. 
She wasn't really a fan of the swings though.
Here she just looks bored, but I think the swinging actually scared her a little bit.
It was either being scared, or she just really really wanted to be out playing with the other kids. 

The park was extra nice because this hansom man was there.
Isn't he stunning?
Yah I think so too.
She was quite the explorer. 
It was good to see her so happy.
I wish I had pictures of her playing with the other kids.
(I didn't know how the other playground parents would feel about the crazy lady taking pictures of their kids.)  
She would just copy everything they did. 
It was so stinking cute. 
But then again everything she does is cute.
Am I gloating.
Maybe a little.

Too bad Spring couldn't have lasted just a little bit longer.
We are back down to a very crisp, windy day.

Light Snow
Light Snow Earlier
30 °F
Feels Like 16 °F
Wind 24 mph
(Thanks wunderground.com)


Darlene Bond said...

You should come visit. We are in the 80's today. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder...down to the 60's.

Janiece said...

So much fun!