Saturday, January 7, 2012

Los Reyes Magos

In Argentina, and I believe in most of South America, the 6th of January is a special day.
Some of Sergio's favorite memories as a child were when his family celebrated
El Dia de los Reyes Magos
or in other words,
The Three Wisemen Day!

While we were in Argentina we spent most of Christmas Eve cooking. 
By midnight the table is set and full of every yummy thing you can imagine.
Cups are full of cider ready for a Christmas toast.  
Then there are tons of fireworks.
Christmas day is mainly spent in family, but they don't really exchange gifts except for maybe a fruit cake.

The gifts come a couple of weeks later when the Three Wisemen come to visit.

The night before little kids everywhere gather grass and water for the three wisemen's camels.
Where it is winter time in the Northern Hemisphere it was a little harder to find nice yummy grass, but it wasn't going to keep Sergio from trying.
So, just in case they were still hungry we also left them a plate with carrots and oats. 
And of course we had to leave a little "something-something" for the wisemen too... 
We left a note of the gifts that they would like the wisemen to bring them and then they got to bed, anxiously awaiting their arrival.
Sergio The Gringanada was sooo excited...she could hardly wait until morning.
Morning came quickly and Miss C was even able to join in on the excitement!
She could hardly wait for her "Mel-mo" book. 
The Gringanada skipped right over the toys and ran straight for Mommy...
Sergio got her turned back around to the important stuff.

Overall it was a successful Three King's Day.

Yay for traditions!!!


Lene said...

I am pretty sure they would have gotten more gifts if you had left a Dr Pepper out there, too!

JuanJo said...

jajajajaja! me diverí mucho leyendo la historia y mirando las fotos! Que bueno que la princesita pueda vivir tradiciones que nos vieron crecer! =)

Josh and Ali said...

I need to not wear that orange undershirt anymore... It makes me look highly immodest. Celes loves her book though! Those wise men sure are nice guys!

Kara D. said...

I really like that tradition! That sounds like fun :)

Kayleen said...

You are one amazing woman!