Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hives...and what not...

Yesterday night ZZ broke out into the most beautiful array of impressive shades of pinks and reds.
I think it was because I put a new sweater on her without washing it first.
I took it off and washed her down in the shower with some baking soda and it had went away.

When she woke up this morning she was covered in hives again. 
I was heading into town anyways, so I quickly got her dressed and called her Dr. to see if they could fit her in.  They were awesome and said we just needed to show up and they would find a place for her, even though they were completely swamped. 
The Doctor asked me if she had eaten anything new, if she had used a new lotion or shampoo, etc.
I didn't really know how to answer.
I can't even tell you what all she ate yesterday
Isn't that what everyone eats on Christmas? 
He said he always asks these same questions but very rarely do they find what has really caused this kind of reaction.
He put her on 5 days of steroids and suggested benadryl. 
I felt so bad for my little baby.
She was in a really good mood anyway. 
Even if she was a little bit itchy. 
The worst part were her poor little eyes.
It was actually the first thing I noted being swollen.
It would also be on one shoulder and then later all over the other. 
Hopefully she will be spot free and feeling better soon. 

Christmas 2012

This year Mom, ZZ, and I started the holidays off right.
We went down to Salt Lake for a couple of days.
ZZ has had the cutest fascination with trains lately so we HAD to take her on Trax.
She LOVED every second of it and at every stop she would scream "CHOO-CHOOOOO!"
She loved looking at all of the lights throughout town. 
We made our way downtown and got out at Temple Square to see all of the beautiful Christmas lights. 
Even though it was pretty freezing we had a blast, and when we got too cold we just slipped into one of the many visitors centers. 
ZZ was really patient and LOVED the lights. 
It really helped us to start feeling the Christmas Spirit.
We did a little bit of shopping and then went back to the hotel.

The days leading up to Christmas are rarely boring at our house...
I imagine that most families are the same way.

We started off with the ward Christmas party.
Miss C and Miss E got to come hang out with us.
Miss C didn't want anything to do with Santa and kept saying...
"I don't want to," as she ran away.
But we were at least able to get this close.
ZZ did a little bit better as long as there was a barrier between the two.
I told her it was really important to say hi to him since I was pretty positive he was the real deal.
She actually looks pretty happy.

Sergio had the 4 days before Christmas off and Christmas Day.
It was nice to get to spend a little extra time with him.
Christmas Adam we had Josh and Ali's family over for our annual Christmas Bingo Party and the opportunity to show off our homemade ugly sweaters.
Josh's sweater won...
If you can't's a reindeer throwing up all sorts of Christmas stuff.
Ali made it and we all thought that it was pretty fabulous.

My mom's sweater was pretty awesome too...
If you can't tell...She's a Christmas tree.
Pretty impressive.

Later that night Santa came to visit...
It's the first time I have ever seen ZZ willingly-ish sit on Santa's lap.
I think it had something to do with the fact that he had Skittles.

After that we all got to tell Santa if we were naughty nice. 
Sergio passed the test... 
Evidently Santa could see through my lies 
when I told him that I was a good girl and I got a bag of coal.

Christmas Bingo was so fun with Josh and Ali we had to do it again the next day, on Christmas Eve, with the Oakes family.
I didn't get nearly enough pictures.
ZZ had a blast with Jordan and Tiff's little girl.
I am pretty sure they are always going to be good friends.
ZZ showed her her mad summer-salting skills while she showed ZZ how to do a super impressive handstand.
They even took a minute to sit back and relax together.

At midnight Sergio and I shared our annual Christmas tradition of "brindando" with a nice glass of apple cider.
We did miss out on fireworks this year, 
but we are going to use the few that we have left for New Years.

Christmas morning ZZ wasn't sure she wanted to get up when I told her that Santa had came.
I think it scared her that some big fuzzy man had been inside our home.
Once we mentioned presents she seems a little more excited.
She loved everything and made quite the haul.
The best part was getting to hang out with everyone.
We just took it easy and played with all of the fun stuff we all got.
It really was a very Merry Christmas.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too and an awesome 2012.


Have you ever wondered what 28 some odd dozen empanada tapas looks like?
Well just in case I thought I had better share this picture.
Sergio spent a couple of weekends in December selling his delicious empanadas.
I was really surprised at all of the interest that we received from people that had never even heard of empanadas.
I think it was mostly nice to have something new to eat in our small town.  
Pretty much everyone that tried them was hooked, and since Sergio loves cooking he is too.

He is one of those people that if he has a day off he wants to keep being busy.
We have taken a few weeks off for the holidays, but he is counting the days until he can sell more.
We will keep you posted of when we open our national food chain in the future.  : ) 

Fall 2012 (lots of pictures)

So I have noticed I am getting a little behind in my blogging, but too many fun things have happened in the last few months to not at least mention all the fun that we have been having as this year is wrapping up.

In October we took ZZ to choose a couple of pumpkins.

She had a blast and we found some good ones. 
ZZ was a really good helper.
She wanted to pick up all of the pumpkins and put them on the trailer all by herself. 
All and all I think her very favorite part was the sucker that the farmer gave her.
We stayed pretty busy after picking our pumpkins, so we didn't ever find the time to carve/paint them...but the picking is the fun part anyway.
What kept us the most busy was her getting her tonsils out a couple of days after picking them.

Oh and the fact that we also had family pictures taken... 
I thought she looks pretty fabulous considering that these pictures were only 2 days post-op.

We also got to celebrate Halloween.
The ward Halloween party took up most of the night, but we got a little bit of time to see Miss C and eat some of my Aunt Pam and Uncle Don's yummy home-made doughnuts and root-beer   It just wouldn't be Halloween without getting to visit them and share their yummy treats.

The first week in November I got to go to the Boise temple open house with our young women.
It was a blast.
I love hanging out with those girls.

A couple of days before Thanksgiving my mommy and I made an impromptu trip up to Idaho Falls to visit my Aunt Pennie.
Our family has a multi-generational tradition of making Peppernut cookies.
They are a German cookie that are made with anis and black pepper and then glazed.
They are pretty different than your usual Christmas cookie...but nothing says the holidays at our house quite like making peppernuts.

Thanksgiving was wonderful.
We had a pretty good turnout this year and the food was heavenly.

Some of my favorite moments this year have come from our little ZZ.
This has been one of her favorite new games, although it is starting to die out a little bit.
She will pull all of the cans out of the cupboards and then start stacking them...or lining them up as in this case.  When Miss C is over, they can make super towers together.
It's actually pretty cute, and she is really good at putting them back when she is done if you help her to remember.

I love this picture of Sergio and ZZ.
She is starting to figure out that her daddy is pretty awesome.
I think she is slowly heading the way of the Daddy's girl.
I don't blame her though...I think her daddy is pretty awesome too.

This is ZZ's Superwomen picture.  
Hiding behind her darling Mr. Potato-head glasses are her lazer-beaming eyes. 
They help her see though walls and double as reading glasses for her fisher-price was her favorite "book" for as long as it lasted.

We had a wonderful fall.
I love being able to stay at home with ZZ and watching her grow up.
She is learning a bunch and makes me happy.

I hope that you all enjoyed your fall as well.
We are well on our way into winter now and it looks like it is going to be just as memorable.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

T&A: The Update.

So I haven't been very good at taking pictures of our sick Gringanada.
Mostly because there isn't really anything to take a picture of.
She has actually done really well.
She has been a little more sensitive than normal and she wants to be held a lot more.  The very first day was the worst so far.  She cried a lot and I didn't really know how to comfort her.
She doesn't find teasing and tickling very funny right now and she just kind of wants everyone to leave her alone.
She did run a 101.5* fever in the evening of the 1st and 2nd day.
The biggest problem we have had is that she doesn't like to take any liquid medicines.
So basically I had to force feed her every time she needed ibuprofen or Tylenol.  It was horrible, but it really made her feel better.  I eventually gave up trying because it wasn't worth the battle. Although she took it just fine when Ali gave it to her...Little Brat.  
We finally got her the ibuprofen chew tablets and that has made a huge difference.
As far as eating and drinking, she hasn't done too bad.
I just have constantly offered her something to drink and always had plenty of snacks like ice, ice cream, ice cream cake...all of those good things.
One of the biggest differences I have noticed so far is that ZZ has had awesome monster breath...and brushing doesn't help.  Her almost constant runny nose has also basically gone away, but she does drool a lot the last few days.
I think it is a mixture of the scabs in the back of her throat and not drinking quite as much as usual.
She hasn't been talking as much as normal.
She doesn't say a whole lot anyway, but now she just keeps extra quite.

Day Two Post Op was also Sergio's birthday.
We should have probably taken it easy, but we didn't.
We had several errands to run and ZZ was a trooper.
She loved helping her daddy open all of his presents.
Day Three was church and she slept a lot that day. 
 We only made it to sacrament and she was running down the isles and army crawling under the benches like normal.
You would never have guessed that she had her tonsils taken out a few days before, but that evening she was pretty grumpy.
Day Four we had family pictures and we had a melt down right before we left.
I thought it was going to be horrible, but she smiled in every picture...and even when we were all done taking pictures she was still smiling with Miss C.
I have done her hair the least amount possible too.
So basically...I did it for pictures...and that is all.
She never likes me to do it, but it seems like her hair has been really sensitive.
You know when you run a fever and your hair hurts?  
I wonder if it is something like that.
I made the mistake of Googling tonsillectomy in toddlers right before the surgery and other people have had it a lot worst off than we have.
I am glad that this has been a lot better experience than what I had read.
 Over all she is still just a little goof ball...but just a little less goofy than normal.
ZZ has her next Dr's appointment on the 7th so expect another update soon.