Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sick Baby

Our Gringanada has been pretty sick for the last week.
Just a regular head cold...but that's pretty rough when you don't know how to blow your own nose.
So looking for a little relief turned into quite the architectural adventure.
Isn't this the coolest fort EVER?
Chairs, toys, heater, sheets, Boppy and super humidifier.
It seemed to help. 
I don't have any pictures of her sick baby face, but it was pretty sad.
She is on her way to being all better now,
Which makes me a happy mommy.

Why didn't everyone tell me we would have so much fun?

I thought that I always wanted Hazel to stay teeny tiny.
But can I just say how much fun it is to watch her grow up?
She can sit up all by herself now.
I love watching her get to try new things.
She is standing up really well and she can pull herself up all by herself too.
Sometimes she can even stand up alone...but only for a few seconds.
She even walks when she is holding on to our fingers.
When one of us doesn't pick her up she has her own mode of transportation.
(please ignore the pleading cry)
We like to call her the spider.
She is starting to get on her hands and knees to crawl and she can take a few steps, but she usually ends up face planting.
She now High 5's 
Waves Hello 
And claps her hands.

It's it amazing everything that she is learning???
Isn't it crazy that a clapping baby can make a mommy so happy?
It's so much fun.
I am loving every second.

Making the cut

 La Gringanada has always sported a pretty sweet rooster tail.
I've needed to cut it off since she was about a month old...
but there is just something sacred about baby hair.
So 8 months later (and after a little pressure from my mother) I finally got up the courage. 
There was no comming back. 
I have to admit...It does look better. 
Just as cute as ever.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Gastronomy: Argentina Style

This blog has a lot of pictures.

Argentina is known for their amazing home style cooking.
Their food is about as far from Mexican food as you can possibly imagine (a common misconception) and closer to Italian food (because of all the immigrates).

It wouldn't have been a vacation to Argentina if it wasn't for all the delicious food...
Especially all the wonderfulness that Sergio's mom makes. 

Anyway, grab something to wipe the drool off your chin because here is my quick and basic guide of Northern Argentina goodness.

A hot drink that is made out of different herbs that grow in the back of people's yards or that you can buy in the store called Yerba (shur-ba).
It kind of tastes like alfalfa if it is your first time trying it, but with enough sugar it is heavenly...and addictive.
You could pretty much find any real Argentine family sitting outside on the porch drinking mate at some point during the day.
Since Sergio's dad was on vacation with us he has a strict mate-ing schedule to especially  follow...
Right after waking up (6 am)
When everyone else wakes up (8:30-9:00 am)
Right before Lunch (11:30-12:30)
After "siesta" nap time.  (6:00 pm)
Before eating dinner (9:00 pm)
Before going to bed (11:00 pm) 
Also if anyone comes over it automatically because mate time again...even if you just drank mate.

Little Potato Bombs
This is a family tradition.
They are made with a potato dough that is filled with ground beef and wonderfulness...
and like all good Argentine food, they are fried. 
I don't have a picture of the finished product, but just imagine Heaven in your mouth and that is them.
Or you could just look at this not quite right picture I found on Google.

This is a classic Tucuman plate.
What can be better than breaded steaks that are then fried and slapped between lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, A LOT of  Mayonnaise and Delicious sandwich bread.
Oh yah baby. 

Chicken with Rice
This is one plate that even us northerners are familiar with. 
They teased Sergio's Aunt that this is the only thing she knows how to make.
It's mostly funny because it is also the only thing I know how to (kind of) make.
The yellow rice is made with a type of fake saffron and is heavenly.

Barbaque...with out barbaque sauce...
This Delicious mix of different cuts of meat is a symbol of Argentina gastronomy. 
Argentina has always been known for their homegrown, grass fed beef.
It really does live up to the reputation.
The meat is only seasoned with lemon and salt and then grilled over coal.
Oh My Goodness it's GOoooood.
It's worth the 2 days of travel just for this tastiness.
Asado is always served with several different salads and bread.

Asqueroso Asado:
Disgusting Asado.
This is Sergio's favorite type of asado.
Chinchulin (Intestines),
Riñónes (kidneys),
and Morsilla (blood sausage. Yes...sausage made out of cooked blood...seriously).
Luckily next to those beautiful kidneys there, they were nice enough to get me some amazing sirloin.
They also bought me some normal chorrizo (sausage).
You can tell my Maira's face that she's not a fan of all the yucky stuff either. 

You can read all about locro in an older blog here:
This is the Argentine way. 
Also cooked over coal. 
With a lot of squash and goodness. 
This is what it is really suppose to look like. 
This is a meal that you make a bunch of, share it with everyone...and you still have enough left over to eat for weeks.
Not everyone is a fan...but it's pretty darn good.

Homemade Pizza.
Enough said... 

Dulce de Leche/Carmel
with Bread.
Dulce de Leche was actually invented in Argentina and is well known around all of Latin America.
Bread is a staple in Argentina.
It's not a meal without bread.
it is to be eaten during the meal.
(Not to clean your plate with.)
If they catch you eating bread after the food it is a sign that you didn't get enough to eat and that you are still hungry and you will probably be served another plate of food.
There are a lot of different types of bread.
Usually so you have something to eat while you are drinking mate.
This is called a bollo. They are made with lard and really good.
La Gringa even wanted to try it.

Ice cream
Argentine Ice cream is pretty much the best ice cream I have ever eaten.
And where it is especially hot in Tucuman...they eat a lot of ice cream. 

Sweet empanadas
Although empanadas are a typical meal in Argentina, Empanadillas are a type of snack or desert.
The dough is a harder and a little drier and they are filled sweet potato, dulce de leche or sweet cayote. 

I wish I had pictures of everything we ate...because seriously...I have gained back about all my baby weight.
(Like 9 months pregnant baby weight.)
Even our Gringanada gained a few pounds (2 to be exact) on our 3 week escapade.

Thanks goodness I married an Argentine that knows how to cook or we might just have had to move back there.