Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Bling

Everyone knows that a girl needs her Bling.
There are bracelets. (Check)
Hair pretties. (Check)
and Earrings.....

Sergio and I knew that we wanted to get our little princess' ears pierced.
I did have a few concerns,
What if she moved when they pierced them?
What if when she gets older they aren't in the right spot?
If I do it now, we won't have that mother daughter experience of going to get her ears pierced.
Plus, it's her body she should decide if and when she wants them pierced.

But a girl HAS to have her bling.
I had been trying to get an appointment for over a week.
I worried about as much as I had for her immunizations.
When we finally got the call today I knew there was no going back.
Luckily on the way to the salon she fell asleep.
They got her ears all marked up so we all knew that they were straight.
What I really liked about Dragonfly Salon is that they have two people do it,
One person on each ear, at the same time. 
In other words, no fussy baby when they are trying to do the other ear.
She stayed asleep the whole time they got things lined up.

I think my face in this picture pretty much describes how I was feeling.
Is someone looking a little pale? 
Then there was a little bit of this. 
And a lot of this. 

I think her face in this picture pretty much describes her mood.
I named it,
"What the freak people!?"

The angry-ness only lasted a little bit before she was back to normal.
I think she was more upset that she got woke up than anything.

They don't seem to bother her at all anymore.
She lets me touch them and everything.

And see  how cute she looks! 
Nothing but a thing,
and TOTALLY worth it.

Friday, July 8, 2011


No, I'm not ready for this. 
Luckily she can't get up there by herself quite yet.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This is America.

A few days ago Sergio made a comment that really touched my heart.
Our conversation was short but profound.
He quietly mentioned that he was really excited for the 4th of July.

My obvious response was,
"Oh yeah for the fireworks, right?"
He rebutted,
"No, I am just so grateful that our daughter was born here and gets to grow up here."

I am also grateful that our Gringanada was able to be born here.

I am grateful that she is going to receive all the blessings of being a US citizen.
I am also extremely grateful for my husband who was willing to leave his career to come here and start all over again, for leaving his family and for accepting mine, and for never complaining about that sacrifice.
I am grateful that he was able to receive a visa, come here legally, be issued his Green card and within a few days have a good job.
Each step has been a challenging process, but it all has been possible because of the wonderful country we live in.
I am grateful that he can come here and open a bank account or even rent an apartment without any problems...all things that while I was in Argentina, I had a hard time doing.
Those are the little things that we take advantage of.
Sergio had made another comment a few days ago that I thought was interesting.
For the record, I am very protective of my husband.
I had a fear that he would be looked down upon or treated as second class because of being an immigrant and his lack of  communication skills.
When he was talking about his job the other day he mentioned that one of the things he likes here is that no one makes him feel like he is less important as they are.
Right now he is working as a groundskeeper at a local hospital and none of the doctors treat him as less.
(Except for one that is rude to everyone and ironically from Bolivia.)
They always say hi to him, and one even offered him Gatorade on a particularly warm day.
That is America.
The beginning of June Sergio's brother and sister in law came to visit us from Buenos Aires.
He couldn't get over how courteous the people were here.
If they were shopping and someone passed in front of them there was almost always a whispered "excuse me." Their waitresses always made sure they felt welcome.
Everyone seemed to be friendly.
I am so grateful that they felt that way.
I know that there are days that I don't.
But the fact that this was one of the things that stuck out to them made me proud to be an American.

Another experience that I had this week was going to the cemetery with my mom on Sunday night.  We put flowers and flags on a few of our families graves.
My mom noticed a new headstone made out of Oakley stone and we wanted to go look at it.
Immediately you could tell that it was a headstone of  two Soldiers who were Killed in Action.

I sat down in the grass and started to read their stories and how they willingly risked their lives for me, my husband, and my child.  They didn't know me.  They didn't need to.  Yet they were willing to pay that ultimate sacrifice.  

We can criticize our leaders.
We can whine about our justice system.
We can debate tax cuts.

But all said and done, with our strengths and our weaknesses,
we are America.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Service Bingo

If you are looking for a fun service activity,
our Spanish Branch had a blast with this one.
That's right...Bingo of Love.
Or in other words:
Service Bingo.
We split into 3 teams.
Every team was suppose to get at least one bingo and the team to fill out the most squares won.
They also had to be back to the church by SMT (Standard Mormon Time) meant about 8:30 for one team.
Some of the squares included:
  • Take a bag of clothes to Deseret Industries.
  • Write your favorite scripture in a card for a missionary.
  • Pick up garbage for 10 minutes.
  • Pick up all the carts at grocery store.
  • Decorate cookies and take them to the assigned person.
  • Call the sisters that you visit that didn’t make it to the activity.
  • Pull weeds for 10 minutes.
  • Invite 5 people to English classes.
  • Wash the front windows of the church.
  • Take a case of water to the homeless center.
  • Wash 5 cars and leave a note.
This is the note they left.
  • In your group think of an activity that we can do as a community to serve others.
  • Write a note to someone close to you.
  • Fill out a family group sheet for family history.
  • Serve yourself to a rest. (because sometimes we are so busy serving others we forget about ourselves.)
  • Decorate a door at the assisted living center.
Who would have thought that we could do so much service in such a short amount of time!!

Everyone had a good time and left with some good stories of knocking doors to invite people to English classes...picking up a ton of carts at the grocery a whole park...and having a naked old man walking around at the old folks home.  Yep, definitely memorable.