Monday, January 31, 2011

Look at us Grow - January Part II

 Does this baby make me look fat?
Sunday, 30 January 2011
39 weeks and 2 days.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Diaper Monkey

One of my most bestest friends, Rachael, is due a couple days after me. 
Her baby shower theme was Baby's 1st.  I lucked out and got babies first diaper change.  I wanted to try something new.  After being inspired by the diaper cakes that I received at my shower I started to do some research and found diaper animals.
I couldn't really find instructions for them, but who is going to let a little detail like that get in the way of good old fashion creativity?
Here's the little guy.
He is made out of rolled diapers, then I used clear rubber bands to get everything to stick together.  All of the diapers are re-usable.
I tried to tape the head, arms, legs and tail onto the body.  The tape wouldn't stick.
It turns out that diaper companies don't really want you taping your child to anything.
Go figure.
So...They are rubber banded on too.
Luckily the tape at least stuck to the cloth on his diaper so I could get him to stay on the cardboard.
When I saw these cute socks I knew I wouldn't be passing them up...They couldn't be more perfect.
He also sported a nice pair of baby mittens to keep his little paws warm.
I found some googly eyes and a red button.
The ears are made out of the rest of a receiving blanket that I had used earlier to make this wipes holder.
I think it turned out cute, it's not perfect, there are some really crooked lines and  I hope she doesn't look too closely because you can definitely see dried hot glue around the edges.
Overall, it was a fun learning experience and I just had to share.

Baby Shower II - Spanish Branch

Who doesn't like a good surprise every once in a while?
Tuesday the 18th of January, I got mine.
Even though I might have been a little tipped off, It was WAY more than I expected. 
Our branch sure knows how to throw a party!!
This picture was at the end of the activity, so a bunch of people left already, but it was a really good turn out...It made me feel really special to be so accepted by such an awesome group of women.
 Sister Allen made me this awesome handmade corsage and a really cute lamb cake.
You can see more pictures on my mom's blog.
Here I am modeling another cake...Don't I make it look good. : )
They had a bunch of really fun games planned.
One you had to hang all the clothes on the line while holding "a baby," the line was moving and there were a bunch of other distractions.  I was in the lead for a second...but then I quickly fell behind.
One of the other games they had 4 teams of 2.  One person was the mom and the other the baby.  The mom had to close her eyes while "baby" chowed down on some delicious baby food. Yum yum.
They were ALL a blast.  We were constantly entertained!
There was also A TON of food.  (Obviously, it's not a party without food, especially in the Spanish Branch!!)
Then I opened gifts.  I can't wait for the baby to get here so she can enjoy all of them as much as I have been. 
I really have been amazed at how kind and generous everyone has been at this time. 
This is going to be one spoiled little girl!!! There are so many people anxiously looking forward to her arrival!
As always, Sergio got his own private showing of all the awesome things. 
He is so fun to watch with the baby stuff.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Shower

 I would say that my baby shower was more like a Baby Downpour!
I could not believe all the people that came and how excited they all made me.
We had a nice lunch,
Played a few games,
And enjoyed each others company.
♥ You can read more about the shower here

 It was so nice to feel so supported by my family, church leaders and friends.
I never expected to receive so many wonderful things!
I finally actually feel like I am prepared for our little gringanada to come.
She is definitely going to be the best dressed.
 And spoiled.
 Sergio was really jealous that he didn't get to come.
He said that he didn't approve of all girl parties. :  )
So when I got home he got a private viewing of all the fun things.
He was so excited.
He LOVES baby stuff.
We are so grateful for all the support that we have received from so many people.
We get even MORE excited when we see other people excited.
We can't wait to show her off!

Look at us Grow. January Part I

Well, I am down to the last month, so I am going to try to update this more often.
This was taken on January 7th, 2011.
36 Weeks
She's a grown'
 These were taken on January 12th, 2011.
My tiny tiny bump has exploded.
I keep trying to get her to come out and play, but no luck so far.
I never know how many details are too many I think it is sufficient to say...
I think she should be here  soon and it's going to be amazing!
I still feel awesome, but we just can't wait to meet our little one.
Even if she does decide to take her time, my due date is in 15 days (Not that I'm counting)...and my doctor said he won't let me go more than a week over.
In other words...sometime within the next 22 days...
I'm going to be a mommy!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

December - Look at us Grow!

It's been another fast month.
But just in this last few weeks I have went from having a soccer ball sized stomach to a beach ball.
31 Weeks
December 06
32 Weeks
December 12
33 Weeks
December 20

I am starting to look pretty huge. I don't feel too big.
In fact, I still feel wonderful.
One month to go : )

I see your Baby!!!

Isn't this is the cutest little boy you have ever seen??
He's even more cute (if you can imagine that) when you hear him talk.
Ham is my little cousin.  He came to visit with his family for Christmas.

I really have missed him.
Every time that I passed him in the hallway or walked in the house he would yell...
"Kira! I see your baby!" 
I would ask him, "Where?"
and he would walk up and poke my protruding stomach...
"Right there"

Then, like most 4 years old, came the questions.
Luckily I never had to answer where babies come from...but I was bombarded with...
"Kira, when is your baby going to come out?"
It made me laugh.
It was always followed by...I really want to see your baby.

My favorite was when I was playing with my little 6 month old niece upstairs and she had got a little fussy.
Ham came running up stairs and came and starred at me.
"Kira! Did your baby come out???"

I don't know who is more anxious...him or me.

Sergio and I are also excited for our baby to come out.

Happy New Year 2011

This year has been full of Miracles.
Last January we would have never imagined that we would be back in the states.
We didn't think that we would be eligible for a visitors visa.
We didn't know that my mom would need a heart transplant, and we never expected her to receive a perfect match so quickly.
Derek never imagined that we would be there for his homecoming...and really...neither did we.
We were excited to find out that we were expecting a sweet baby girl in February.
We didn't know if we would get to be here for Christmas.
We were ecstatic when Sergio's green card came.

What a year.
There have been so many things that have happened it is impossible to not believe in miracles.

We are looking forward to an awesome 2011.
It is already starting out splendidly.
Sergio has a job.
We are waiting for our new addition and we know that we will be seeing many more miracles.

Christmas 2010!

I know that this post is coming a few weeks late, but
Seeing as how this was Sergio and my very first state side Christmas...
I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share.
This year I had the privilege to show him our fun traditions.
1st Priority...
The Christmas Tree!!
We had our fake tree set up the day after Thanksgiving, but our entry way need a little more Christmas spirit.
We headed to the mountains with my parents.
We had fun playing in the snow, making snow angels, and even throwing a few snowballs at each other.
Together we found the perfect Christmas tree.
Even though it was a little bigger than it looked in the mountains, we had fun stringing it with popcorn and cranberries and hanging tons of candy canes all over it.  Regretfully, we don't have any pictures of the finished tree.

On the way to the mountains we also had to stop in Rock Creek to visit the awesome Christmas lights and so that Sergio could meet Bull, our favorite Christmas Camel.
We really enjoyed it and it was actually hard to tell our little buddy goodbye.

Last year, one of the things that made me really homesick was not being able to got to Salt Lake and visit the Temple Square Christmas lights.  I think it was just because I wanted Sergio to be able to see them.  So this year we took advantage of mom's doctors appointment and we stayed in Salt Lake until the lights came on. It was so much fun and the spirit was really strong.

A few days before Christmas Darlene and her family came to visit.
Really we took it pretty easy but we had SO much fun.
One of our family traditions that Josh brought home from his mission is that on Christmas Eve we play Christmas Bingo.  The Oakes family always come to hang out with us too so that makes it even more fun.
The kids are a blast and it is always a memorable experience.
Afterwards we mixed our Argentine roots with the family.
We set off fireworks at 8:00...Midnight Argentine time to welcome the Christ child.
We came inside, changed into our cute new Christmas Pj's and warmed up.
 We gathered together and read from Luke II, then ran to bed so we wouldn't miss Santa coming.

That morning Sergio and I waited anxiously for it to be 6 am so we could go upstairs.  It was a loooong night of anticipation, but totally worth it.
Christmas presents aren't normally a tradition in Argentina, so it was quite a change for Sergio.
It was so fun watching the little guys open their presents.
We can't wait for next year when our little girl will be here with us to join in the excitement!! 
We had a very Merry Christmas!


This last month has been a pretty exciting one.
On December 20th Sergio receive approval for his temporary work release, which really helped us relax for his interview the next day.
On the 22nd we headed to Boise for his green card interview.
The questions were simple and straight forward.
When were we married.
When were our birthdays.
What were our parents names.
It was a lot easier than what we had expected.
He was approved for a 2 year Green Card!!!
Sergio having his green card means that:
  • He will be here for at least 2 more years
  • He will get to be here when our baby is born.
  • He can work.
  • He can apply for citizenship in 3 years.
  • We don't have to worry anymore!!!
Obviously our good news called for some serious American celebrating...
And what better way than with a giant American Hamburger from Big Judds???
We have been so grateful for my mom and all that she has done to get ALL the paper work taken care of and the support that her and my dad have given us in the last few months.
Also we will always remember all the prayers and thoughts that have been sent our way in this exciting time in our lives!! We know that all of this process has truly been a miracle.