Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby Fear Factor.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Festival of Trees.
I was so excited to introduce our Gringanada to my good friend, Santa Claus.
I don't know if he was just a little too holly or extra jolly...
Either way,
She wasn't buying it.
He later admitted to being heavily self medicated...
Maybe this tiny tot is just a good judge of character.
Her little body started shaking as a small panic attack set in.
I tried to convince her that he was an alright guy and that she needs to be nice to him so that she can get lots of presents.
I guess she didn't consider the price of gifts as valuable as her well-being.
She wouldn't calm down as long as he was looking.
She kept an eye on him the rest of the time while we looked at the trees.
Later on she watched as the other little kids went up and sat on Santa's lap.
She finally got up enough courage to make her way towards him. 
But once she had caught Santa's attention she retreated back to Grandpa.
She couldn't even be bribed by a yummy candy cane.
Poor little girl.
Looks like she ain't getting nothing for Christmas.


Lene said...

Oh one of these days she will figure out he isn't such a bad guy. I think LaLa cried every time she saw him until she was 5.

Kara D. said...

How adorable! When Jordyn was 1 she had no problem sitting on Santa's lap. This year she wanted nothing to do with it and was on his knee for about half a second. She sure gobbled up the cookie he gave her though,lol. It's kinda of fun to see how they react to people dressed up like that.