Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sergio's Conversion Story

Last week Sergio had the opportunity to give his first talk in church in English.
He decided to share his conversion story.  It was powerful and moving to say the least. 
I thought that it was something that could inspire more than just our ward.

Today I would like to share how the gospel changed my life.
Several years ago two young men left far away from their homes to share the gospel. They talked to a young member and asked if he could give them a reference to someone else that might be interested in the gospel. He thought about the challenge and invited a friend. She also invited her friends to listen to the missionaries with her. I was one of her friends. We listened to the lessons and my friends did not keep listening to the missionaries but I did. It was not easy because where I lived there were a lot of misconceptions about the church. I was only 14 years old and my parents were also very concerned about what I was learning and they disagreed with my decision to keep listening. My mom said that they were trying to brainwash me.
I remember when I got my first Book of Mormon every evening I sat in our patio to read it. I still remember how I could see everything that I was reading. The feelings that I had were so strong that I really wanted to share what I was reading with my mom. I would try to talk to her while she was washing clothes.
I was really worried during this time because my parents would not let me be baptized. I was not sleeping well and I even had started sleepwalking, which made my mom worry even more.

After a year of seminary and attending the church I started to beg my Heavenly Father that he would soften my parent’s hearts. The next day I came home from school and I talked to my dad and asked him for permission to be baptized. He said the same thing all parents say when they don’t want to be responsible…he said Go ask your mom. I went and asked my mom and what do you think she said? Go ask your dad. It was kind of like Ping Pong. In the end they finally signed my permission slip to be baptized.
Sergio's parents, Jose and Susana
So many blessings happened after my baptism. A little while later other missionaries came to our home. The influence and the light of these different sets of young men began to change my parent’s way of thinking. Two years later my brother and my sister were baptized.
Front row: Susana & Jose with Ale (nephew)
Back row: Sergio, me, Araceli (sister) the twins, Alejandro (brother in law) Juan (Brother),  Anto (sister in law) Maira (Sister)
One year before I left on my mission we were listening to a lesson from the missionaries. It was the fifth time that my parents listened to the six discussions. We were all sitting around the table and the missionaries asked my parents if they had read the Book of Mormon. They both had. They asked if they had prayed to know that it was true and they had not. One of the missionaries asked if we could pray right then to ask if it were true. He asked my father to give the prayer. We all knelt down around the table. It was the first time that I had ever heard my father pray. The spirit was very strong. When we stood up we were all surprised to hear my father say, “I now know that I need to be baptized.” My mom then said the same thing. My brother and sisters were crying. To me it was such a surprise I could not believe what had happened. One of the missionaries baptized my mom and I baptized my dad.
Our wedding 2009
Buenos Aires Temple
Thanks to those two young men that were willing to serve a mission and to that one member that was willing to give a reference to them we have been sealed as a family. My brother and I have also served missions. One of my sisters has been married in the temple and my little sister is preparing to serve a mission.

I still have family that has not accepted the gospel. I want to thank the parents here for preparing your children so that they can serve a mission.

Argentina Salta Mission
 To the Young men. I would ask you to keep yourselves clean. Study the scriptures. I have been watching you and I cannot help but think that one day you could be serving the Lord in my country and all the families that just one of you could bless.

I know that the Book of Mormon has power to touch the hearts of the people.

I know that the church is true.

I share these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Janiece said...

What a beautiful testimony he has and lives everyday.

Malissa said...

Ok, I cried through that whole thing. Thank you SO much for sharing your husband's talk and testimony. What an amazing fairy tale you both share!

Stephanie said...

This is so great! Thanks so much for sharing it! We are so happy for you both! :)

Kara D. said...

What a great story! Sergio is a great person.

Lene said...

What a beautiful story.