Monday, November 28, 2011

Empanadas, Oreos and Other Babysteps

I don't know if it makes me a bad mom or not...
but our Gringanada is a fan of food and I am a fan of watching her try new things.
It sure beats that pureed stuff...
She destroyed that empanada...literally.  I eventually had to take it away, which of course led to a temper tantrum.  I know where she gets it from though...I throw temper tantrums too when people take my empanadas away.

I'm not quite as adventurous to give her things as Grandpa... 
This was her first Oreo...(that I saw)
Courtesy of Grandpa. 
She was willing to share if you would like a little bit. 
In our Gringanada's 9 month appointment, I sheepishly admited to our doctor that I had started giving her a little bit of table food.  He assured me that by now she is pretty much ready for anything except peanuts, honey and real milk...I don't think he had Oreos in mind...or empanadas for that matter.
Here I was going to make the justifying comment that this is the only Oreo that she has had until my dad just walked in with her a minute ago and he was giving her what he called "Oreo crumbs." 
I guess that's how I need to start justifying it too when I eat a couple.

I guess I don't know what all she has "tried" in the last few months.
But she seems to be healthy.

Last week she even pulled this little stunt on us:
She's up and going.
She will pull herself up to the side of the couch and get a few steps in before she crashes.
She still is a lot more comfortable crawling over walking, but she is getting more couragous.
My favorite part of her walking is how excited and proud of herself she gets.
I am pretty proud of her too.
Maybe all the sugar from the Oreos has something to do with it.


Janiece said...

Oh Grandpa...he is naughty!!!
Miss H looks so cute walking around.

Kara D. said...

She is so adorable! All of my kids were ready for table food when they were Hazel's age. I didn't see anything wrong with sharing my food with them. And yes, oreos make a terrible mess because when they get soggy they crumble all over, but they sure are yummy!