Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Sergio!!

This year Sergio only asked for 2 things for his Birthday.
A cake and Lasagna.
Last year I tried to do the same thing and it was quite the disaster.
You can read all about that here.
I had tried to make a yummy mil hoja (thousand layer) cake and I had used the wrong dough...It was literally inedible. desperate attempt to not be defeated...again...I bought everything to try it one more time.
This time I wanted to try it out before I served it to my whole family.  So I just made small "alfajore" size cakes.
I bought the right kind of dough this time:
It was SO much easier this year than last year...and SOO much more yummy!!
You unfold the sheets, cut them in the shape you want, and cook them for 15 minutes.
While they cook they "puff" up.
I split each circle in half and layered the puff pastry and dulce de leche.  Dulce de leche is a carmel made out of slowly cooked sweet and condensed milk, but you can usually find it in the spanish isle at the grocery store.
These each had 3 layers of dough and 2 layers of dulce de leche.
When it's cut in half it looks something like this:

Everything is better with chocolate so we topped it off with a nice layer of milk chocolate, pecans and a white chocolate drizzle.
Oh my goodness they were yummy.
They even passed Sergio's taste test.
Since he had to work today I told him that he should take them with him to share.
Afterwards I was pretty sure that he had already had his share of alfajores. I decided not to make a full cake out of the same thing...
(Plus I don't think I could get my family to try it twice.)

Instead I wanted to make him an Argentine style birthday cake.
I got the basic idea and recipe from here.
Instead of trying to make my own biscochuelo (spanish sponge cake) I took the easy route.
I made two 8" round yellow cakes:
While the cakes were cooling I made my very own whipped cream using Gossner's Whipping cream.
I am especially excited about this steps since I have never made whipped cream and it actually turn out.
I added 1 3/4 cups of cream
1 1/2 Tablespoons of sugar
and 3/4 teaspoon of vanilla.
I whipped it until it was starting to spike a little bit while it was whipping. 
I also thinly sliced some of our homemade canned peaches from last year.
Don't those look delicious?

When the cakes were cool I covered the 1st layer in the syrup from the peaches.
I then covered the cakes in a layer of dulce de leche, pushing the carmel clear to the edges. I then evenly spaced peaches over the whole cake.
My final layer was a thick slab of the whipped cream.
I then put the 2nd cake on top which, as a result, made the whipped cream from the bottom layer go everywhere.
(If I were to do this cake again I would put the syrup and dulce de leche and peaches on both layers before I actually stacked them.)
I repeated the syrup, dulce de leche and peaches and topped the whole cake off with whipped cream.
It looked something like this:
It might not be "Perfect"
But neither am I, so it was good enough for me.
It tasted amazing too.

As far as the Sergio part of Sergio's birthday goes...
He got home later than usual so only had a couple of hours to celebrate.
We ate a yummy lasagna dinner with my family.
It was a lot of fun.
Sergio got his first set of English scriptures, which he was pretty excited about.
We also got a date night to Pizza Hut.
Hazel got him this cute outfit and fun shoes,
but they didn't fit so she will just have to wear them. :)

Then it was cake time:
I love how the Gringanada is helping him out...
I looks like the blew the whole cake over.
Even though we didn't get to spend the day with Sergio we sure did think about him a lot today.
I am sure grateful for everything that he does for us and for working on his special day so that he can provide for our little family.
He's so awesome.

Happy Birthday Mi Amor!

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Janiece said...

The cake was sooooo good!
Even if it was "blown" over.

Happy Birthday Sergio!