Friday, July 1, 2011

Service Bingo

If you are looking for a fun service activity,
our Spanish Branch had a blast with this one.
That's right...Bingo of Love.
Or in other words:
Service Bingo.
We split into 3 teams.
Every team was suppose to get at least one bingo and the team to fill out the most squares won.
They also had to be back to the church by SMT (Standard Mormon Time) meant about 8:30 for one team.
Some of the squares included:
  • Take a bag of clothes to Deseret Industries.
  • Write your favorite scripture in a card for a missionary.
  • Pick up garbage for 10 minutes.
  • Pick up all the carts at grocery store.
  • Decorate cookies and take them to the assigned person.
  • Call the sisters that you visit that didn’t make it to the activity.
  • Pull weeds for 10 minutes.
  • Invite 5 people to English classes.
  • Wash the front windows of the church.
  • Take a case of water to the homeless center.
  • Wash 5 cars and leave a note.
This is the note they left.
  • In your group think of an activity that we can do as a community to serve others.
  • Write a note to someone close to you.
  • Fill out a family group sheet for family history.
  • Serve yourself to a rest. (because sometimes we are so busy serving others we forget about ourselves.)
  • Decorate a door at the assisted living center.
Who would have thought that we could do so much service in such a short amount of time!!

Everyone had a good time and left with some good stories of knocking doors to invite people to English classes...picking up a ton of carts at the grocery a whole park...and having a naked old man walking around at the old folks home.  Yep, definitely memorable.

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Kara D. said...

Sounds like an adventure!