Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Bling

Everyone knows that a girl needs her Bling.
There are bracelets. (Check)
Hair pretties. (Check)
and Earrings.....

Sergio and I knew that we wanted to get our little princess' ears pierced.
I did have a few concerns,
What if she moved when they pierced them?
What if when she gets older they aren't in the right spot?
If I do it now, we won't have that mother daughter experience of going to get her ears pierced.
Plus, it's her body she should decide if and when she wants them pierced.

But a girl HAS to have her bling.
I had been trying to get an appointment for over a week.
I worried about as much as I had for her immunizations.
When we finally got the call today I knew there was no going back.
Luckily on the way to the salon she fell asleep.
They got her ears all marked up so we all knew that they were straight.
What I really liked about Dragonfly Salon is that they have two people do it,
One person on each ear, at the same time. 
In other words, no fussy baby when they are trying to do the other ear.
She stayed asleep the whole time they got things lined up.

I think my face in this picture pretty much describes how I was feeling.
Is someone looking a little pale? 
Then there was a little bit of this. 
And a lot of this. 

I think her face in this picture pretty much describes her mood.
I named it,
"What the freak people!?"

The angry-ness only lasted a little bit before she was back to normal.
I think she was more upset that she got woke up than anything.

They don't seem to bother her at all anymore.
She lets me touch them and everything.

And see  how cute she looks! 
Nothing but a thing,
and TOTALLY worth it.


SAYDA said...

Well you made the right decision sweetie. So sweet that all those thoughts went through your head. You can still share that special moment with her when you share the pictures with her, and she notices that concerned look on your sweet face. You are such a special mother Kira. Your mother must have been the greatest example because it shows in you. Yes, a little girl, especially with a Latin last name has to have her ears pierced at a very early age. ;) My girls all had them ears pierced at 3 months. They wear bling when they want to, and they go years sometimes without the bling. I personally think babies look adorable with them. She is the cutest little thing.

Anonymous said...

Le queda hermoso! jejeje

Uncle John =)

Janiece said...

We reaaly should have got more pics of Kira's was almost as priceless as the little princess'.

Malissa said...

Oh she is SO CUTE!!! Thankfully I've not had to make this decision with three boys. But if I do ever have a girl I'm going to do it while she's young. Good job Kira! You survived!

Lene said...

Your smart to do it while she is young. I am having to bribe my girlies and they still don't want it done.