Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Latest Investment

I don't know if you have ever seen one of these before.
 They are a modern icon of our "hometown" in 
San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina.
Basically it is a hot dog cooked in a waffle like batter.
Kind of like a corn dog, but...
without the sick, not fried, and it's a flour based batter instead of cornmeal.

I'm pretty sure in this city o586,198 people it would be almost impossible to find one that hasn't tried a "panchuque."
Theses panchuque machines line the "peatonal" or pedestrian streets.
They sell thousands a week.
I think that is why Sergio has been dreaming of investing in one ever since we left.
He has looked at every web page,
Talked to the manufactures countless times,
And we have spent our fair share of hours talking about it.

Well last week his dream came true when his brother and sister-in-law made their way to the states.
Instead of paying for shipping they agreed to bring it up for us.
We are now the proud owner of a panchuque machine.
Which I have christened,
the waffle dog machine.
These are Sergio's first waffle dogs.
They tasted just like home.
If you want to try a few, just give us a call.
Sergio has been loving trying out his new toy.


Kara D. said...

I would love to try one of those! They sound soooo yummy!

Lene said...

Not sure how I feel about a waffle dog

Janiece said...

they are pretty darn good

Malissa said...

Sounds GREAT to me! I love the swirl of mustard and blops of ketchup and mayo!