Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 Months

 Last week our little gringanada turned 4 months old.
I usually try to take pictures of her every 9th, but this month we were in Utah...
It worked out okay since yesterday she had her check-up.
She is now 12 lbs and 14 oz
and 25 inches long.
 That puts her in the 30th percentile for her weight...
but the 75th percentile for her height.
So she's extra tall and skinny.
She's not a real fan of pictures or videos.
She can be laughing and giggling, but if you try to take a picture she calms right down.
 But today was even harder than normal.
 At first I thought she was just tired.
Then she turned plain grumpy.
So we didn't get to take very many pictures.
It turns out she has a fever of 101.3.
Not so fun.
None the less, today we are having a sick day.
I am sure she will be back to normal in no time.


SAYDA said...

Kira, she is so beautiful!

Tara Cottle Martin said...

Wow she is growing so fast!!! Time just flies! She's so cute!!!

Kara D. said...

What a cutie patooty! You are an AWESOME mom, and you keep little Hazel looking very fashionable :)

Marty_Rachael said...

That's so funny Kira, Declan does the same thing! He'll be smiling ans happy and as soon as he seen the camera he gets all serious! She is an absolute beauty!

Lene said...

You don't really have to guess how she feels do you?

She is so cute!