Friday, May 20, 2011

A Postpartum Perspective:

Because of this,
And these,
And not having enough time to do this,
I kind of feel like this (again):
Only now, less tan.

So instead of wallowing in my postpartum pity, I decided it was time to do something.
I dyed my hair,
painted my toenails,
and Sergio even convinced me to buy a new dress.

There was still one little thing that needed to be taken care of...
My eyebrows.
It has been over a year since they had been tamed.

Yesterday my mom and I wanted to take advantage of being in town so we went to get a quick eyebrow wax.
I insisted that she go first while I waited with a whinny baby. 
When it was my turn I swapped a crying baby with my mom and took my seat.  I noticed that this normally quick procedure was taking a little more time then usual...and then I realized that the waxing girl was calling in backup.
(I knew my eyebrows were getting pretty bad, but I didn't realize that they were getting THAT bad.)

I also heard the whimpering of a young stylist saying things like,
"I've never had this happen before."
"I think I am going to cry."
While her manager said,
"Just put some baby oil on it and it will be fine."

Through all of their disturbing conversation I stayed relatively calm and smiley,
mostly thinking about my crying baby outside.
I should have really been alarmed when I was never handed a mirror to see the finished product.  I looked quickly in the mirrors as I walked up to the counter to pay, I saw that both of my eyebrows were still there, so I decided not to worry too much.
As I made my way to the car I noticed a little more stinging than normal, but then again it had been a year since I had last had my eyebrows done.  I sat down in the passenger seat and immediately pulled down my visor to check out my new look.
My bright red eyebrows really caught my attention.
Not to mention the skin that had literally been torn off of under each of them.
The next day
(I am just so glad I wasn't thinking I needed a bikini wax!)

I guess in all honesty I should be thanking Salon JLA,
I am pretty sure that they cured me of any more postpartum pity parties,
I will probably never have a stray eyebrow again.

Oh the price of beauty.


Janiece said...


Marty_Rachael said...

Oh Kira you poor thing! But Hazel sure is an adorable things! We need to hang out again soon. I miss you! I just love reading your blog! (PS I should buy a new dress. Good thinking!)

Lene said...

Love how you are keeping it real and sharing your post-baby belly.

I can't believe you got burned. Please tell me that you didn't have to pay.

To help you feel better the last time I had my brows done I left missing half of my left brow. It's nice.

Janiece said...

I have something on my blog for you.

Malissa said...

LOL! Oh my gosh I LOVE reading your blog! I feel like that every time I have a baby. I don't think my body will ever be the same. Sorry about your eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing you at church. That gal is so beautiful! I hope your eye brows are better. Poor Kira. :(

sayda said...

That was Sayda! I could leave a message now.