Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Parable of the Purse

Today I had the opportunity to teach our Relief Society lesson at church.
I was inspired by a talk by Quentin L. Cook that I heard in General Conference.
He recounted a cute little story about a purse that was found at a youth New Years Eve dance.
This is what he said,
" I share with you part of what Sister Monica Sedgwick, the Young Women president in the Laguna Niguel stake, recorded: “We didn’t want to pry; this was someone’s personal stuff! So we gingerly opened it and grabbed the first thing that was on top—hopefully, it would identify her. It did, but in another way—it was a For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. Wow! This told us something about her. Then we reached in for the next item, a little notebook. Surely this would give us answers, but not the kind we were expecting. The first page was a list of favorite scriptures. There were five more pages of carefully written scriptures and personal notes.”  The sisters immediately wanted to meet this stalwart young woman. They returned to that purse to identify its owner. They pulled out some breath mints, soap, lotion, and a brush. I loved their comments: “Oh, good things come out of her mouth; she has clean and soft hands; and she takes care of herself.”
They eagerly awaited the next treasure. Out came a clever little homemade coin purse made from a cardboard juice carton, and there was some money in a zippered pocket. They exclaimed, “Ahh, she’s creative and prepared!” They felt like little children on Christmas morning. What they pulled out next surprised them even more: a recipe for Black Forest chocolate cake and a note to make the cake for a friend’s birthday. They almost screamed, “She’s a HOMEMAKER! Thoughtful and service minded.” Then, yes, finally some identification. The youth leaders said they felt greatly blessed “to observe the quiet example of a young lady living the gospel.”
Who knew you could learn so much about someone from what's in their purse!!
(If you want to read the whole talk you should click here...It's not really all about purses.)
Most of the lesson we talked about how wonderful women are and what awesome qualities that each of us have,
because we usually forget
...but at the end I wanted each of them to have their own little purse.
I think they turned out really cute. 
I used this template that you can find on this paperscrapz website
Inside of each purse had:
A paper that said, "What's in your purse"
 Five pieces of paper so each women in the class could write down some of the qualities that people could find in their 'purse'
A piece of chocolate (let's be honest...if a purse doesn't have chocolate it's not a real purse.)
 So after all of this purse talk, I decided to bravely go where no woman in public should go...yes...I really wanted to see what someone could find out about me if they looked in my purse, and I thought it would be fun to share it all with you.
In my purse there is:
My husbands pay stubs,
A restaurant receipt,
Stamps and a couple of receipts from the post office,
2 papers from the doctors that say the Gringanada's weight and height,
A bottle cap, a really bad pacifier and a baby head band,
A pen,
My US passport, (What's that doing in there)
A grocery list,
2 dollars and some-odd cents,
and finally my wallet and identification.
I'm evidently I world traveling, mommy with bad taste in pacifiers and a tight grip on my husbands wallet.
Who knew?


Malissa said...

LOVE your lesson! And those little paper purses are SO cute!

Janiece said...

OWOW...the things you can find in a purse!!!

Kristin said...

Fun lesson! It's really interesting to take a look at what we carry around, to see what that might say about us. Thanks for sharing.