Monday, May 9, 2011

One Month Older & Wiser Too!

Our little Gringanada is getting all growed up.
(yes growed)
Even though she is still pretty tiny.
Isn't she beautiful? 
This month she is starting to play a lot more.
It's so much fun!
Every morning she tells her daddy about all of her dreams that she had during the night...
she's a real talker in the morning.
She loves Peek-a-boo
and Patty Cake.
She also has the goofiest smile and laugh.
She is starting to get pretty good at holding up her big noggin,
but she's not a fan of tummy time so she doesn't really pick her head up off the floor.
She sleeps really well, but I am not going to tell you her schedule just so I don't jinx it.
But I know it was close to nap time when we were taking pictures.
Her favorite sense lately has been taste, she has been trying to lick everything.
This morning I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she even licked my nose.
She's quite the character.
She's also getting her grab reflexes down,
she especially likes pulling out playing with my hair.
Even though she has started staring more at her hands and feet, I still don't think the she has realized that she is in control of them...she gets pretty mad at me when she pulls her pacifier out of her mouth. 
I am glad that she doesn't know everything quite yet.
It's fun watching her figure things out.
My only fear is that she is going to grow up too fast.


Josh and Ali said...

Yeah... tell me about it... In 6 short weeks Celes will be 1! I can't believe that!

Janiece said...

She just keeps getting prettier and prettier too.
I love her goofy smile.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Rachael
That is one of my biggest fears too... I'm not ready for Declan to get older! Hazel is definitely a gorgeous little girl though :) and she is lucky yo have such an awesome mom!

Malissa said...

Oh my gosh! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! You guys did good!

Kara D. said...

She is adorable! Keep loving every minute!

Lene said...

She is so pretty!