Friday, May 27, 2011

Here's your sign.

I always laugh to myself every time that someone asks me if we are going to teach our Gringanada both Spanish and English.
Usually I feel like busting out some kind of Bill Engvall joke,
"Aw, she's so cute, are you going to teach her English and Spanish?"
-Nope, just Spanish, that way she can fit in with all the other Latins here...Here's your sign.
"So...are you going to teach her Spanish?"
-No, just English, she's just going to give her father the silent treatment the rest of her life...Here's your sign.
or maybe,
"Are you going to raise her bilingual?"
-Nope, just Japanese for right now... Here's your sign.

The funny part is usually when I kindly reply with a simple "yes",
 I normally hear something to the effect of,
 "Good because that will really help her to get a job, succeed, etc. "
(Seriously? Get a job?)
That's right! Jobs are obviously much more important than, you know, talking to her Grandparents, Aunts, Uncle's, Cousin's and any and everyone else in Argentina.
Here's your sign.
If you are guilty of asking me this completely legitimate question, it's not a problem, it happens daily...but if you heard me whispering afterwards, don't worry, it was just a friendly, "Here's your sign."


Janiece said...

and it looks like she understands both too...she smiles at me when I speak english and at you when you speak little girl!!!

Jill said...

haha Kira you're funny. My brother and his wife both speak Portuguese and consequently so do they're kids. I think they've had similar experiences. p.s. I saw you a couple week ago at the R.S. activity and wanted to tell you your baby is ADORABLE!

Malissa said...

LOL! Oh Kira you crack me up! I LOVE it! And that picture is SO stinkin CUTE!!!! What an awesome shirt! And I can't believe how big she is getting! SO beautiful!

Kara D. said...

I love that cute outfit you made for her! 100% adorable and loveable! I just want to snuggle her!