Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feliz 25 de Mayo!!

Today is Argentina's Revolution day!
It's the day that Argentina started on their way to Independence.
(Their actual Independence Day is July 9th.)
Of course we aren't going to miss an opportunity to celebrate!!!
We all wore our Argentine Shirts.
This is our Gringanada's shirt, appropriate right?
One of the very best parts of Argentina is that all of their holidays are spent with family and food.
This particular holiday is spent with a classic Argentine Locro.
Locro is made up of white beans, every kind of sausage that you can find, squash, and white corn...along with your regular condiments.
It normally looks something like this.
Last night Sergio mentioned to me that he would love to have a big hardy bowl of Locro for dinner tonight.
He had to work, and we don't know how to cook Argentine so his dreams were smashed.
Or were they?
Although we aren't Argie connoisseures, we DO know how to improvise!
So, in the past Sergio has mentioned that white beans and ham almost tastes like Locro,
so we started with that.
We threw in some regular yellow corn, and some spicy Italian Sausage and some bacon.
We couldn't find squash so we tossed in a can of pumpkin.
(disclaimer: by we I mean my mother, afterall, she's the cook)
Sergio walked in the door and his exact words were...
"Helloalgo huelo MUY rico."
Yah, I said exact would translate to something like,
"Hellosomething smells really good."
I just smiled as he looked into our boiling pot of yumminess.
"No Way"
(exact quote)
The only thing that we were missing is a special sauce that goes on top, but I didn't (and still don't) know how to make it. So he stepped in.
Looking at the picture...I know it has paprika :)
and onions,
And he asked for chili powder...
and knowing him...I can pretty much guarantee that it has some sort of oil in it.
It is Heavenly.
This is the finished product:
I'm not going to was pretty perfect.
I think he is planning on taking it to work tomorrow to share.
I hope it gave him at least a little taste of home.

Happy 25 of May to everyone.


Janiece said...

sorry, i still could not eat it, white beans and ham. Though, I believe i made it through the whole process without gagging or throwing up...very sure this is a first time!
glad you guys liked it and it gave him a small gringa taste of home.

Lene said...

I was gagging as soon as you said white beans and ham. GAK

Did your Dad like it?

Kira Rivadeneira said...

obviously :)

Kara D. said...

You are such a great wife!