Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dear Donor Family,

It has been one year since you have lost your loved one. Certainly there is no need to remind you. I am sure that not a single day has passed that you haven’t thought of them. I can imagine that you spent many sleepless nights resting your head on a drenched pillow of tears as you have thought of your loss. I am writing you now to assure you that we have done the same. We too have spent many hours pondering your loss and wondering what we as a family have done to deserve it. Tears have streaked our faces as we think of the suffering that this must have caused you. At the same time our hearts are opened in gratitude for your son or daughters selflessness. This precious life that was ended so that my mother’s life could go on has truly been a miracle. Although our hearts ache for you, not a single day has gone by that we haven’t thanked our Heavenly Father for your family and for all you gave on May 14th, 2010. This donation has greatly extended my mother’s life, and to us, your child will always be our hero.
At this time we would like to thank you for this ultimate gift. We wish you could see how much our lives have changed because of your kindness. Since this day last year my mother has completely healed from the operation and has recuperated the energy that she lost when she had her first heart attack six years ago. It’s so nice to have my mom back. We are able to do the simple things, like grocery shopping, that she physically had lost the ability to do. She is now able to stay awake all day now, which something pre-transplant was almost impossible.
In this last year she also received her first and second grandchildren and is looking forward to watching them grow up, this otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. This year we all have gained a new appreciation for how valuable life really is. Even though our family has always been close, now we are even closer.
We know that your child was a special person because we have seen how a piece of him or her has changed our lives. I hope that as you read this note, your pain is somewhat calmed in knowing that your son or daughter is honored, loved, and has literally saved a life. We are and will be eternally grateful.

With all of our hearts,



TaraMarie said...

That's really sweet Kira. It gave me the good chills. I'm glad that your mother is doing so well!!

Malissa said...

Kira you made me cry. What a wonderful post in honor of that person who provided life for your mother and family. It is truly amazing how our Father in Heaven has provided our generation with the knowledge to be able to transplant a heart. Congrats to you, your family and your mom for reaching the one year anniversary.

Janiece said...

My dearest Kira,
What a beautiful letter.
You can write your thoughts so well.
I am so grateful to our donor's family. They will never know the love we have for them.
Thank you for honoring them with your words.
I love you,